Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters)

In Soviet Russia there were a lot of propaganda posters against USA.

Here is a little collection of such Soviet art.

I splitted it to three parts, so today is the part 1.

anti usa soviet russia posters

This is a Black Sea and Uncle Sam is looking thru spyglass on USSR with a sign “Provocation” on it, standing on US ships. Uncle Sam was widely used to represent USA.

anti usa soviet russia posters

Here is Uncle Sam in he ring of nuclear bomb switches and from the loudspeaker it is said that “Soviet Union offers to stop nuclear weapon tests”.

anti usa soviet russia posters

The ladder has “NATO” sign.

anti usa soviet russia posters

There is written “A Road To Peace” on the white strip.

anti usa soviet russia posters

And on the Pentagon building there is written “Pentagon”

anti usa soviet russia posters

Can’t figure out exact sense from this one, but on the bottom there is written “Our children shouldn’t be the last generation on the EARTH”. USA is somehow might be guilty if it happens.

anti usa soviet russia posters

“What a Dangerous Madness”

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Same years but different weathers”, red bar on the thermometer is “Soviet Industry rate”, black one is “American Industry rate”, small text tells us that there has began an econom crisis and dislocation in USA.

anti usa soviet russia posters

Hard to understand the text, but there is something written about Uncle Sam and UN.

anti usa soviet russia posters

In USSR there are many many new schools, in USA – schools are being closed all the time.

anti usa soviet russia posters

This is how USA and allies milking blood and oil from Middle East. The continent is Middle East, and there is written “Here again blood and oil is being poured”.

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Victory of Vietnam is a Victory of Solidarity”

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Youth Exposes  Imperialism”, some of them hard to understand but they were everywhere in USSR.

anti usa soviet russia posters

This is how Uncle Sam and USA put their legs on Europe.

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Zero Solution”

anti usa soviet russia posters

Piece to Vietnam!

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Stop the Killers!” i.e. stop US AIR FORCE

anti usa soviet russia posters

“We are with you, Vietnam!”

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Freedom to the People of Chile”

anti usa soviet russia posters

This is how Uncle Sam and USA is exploiting labour of it servants, South America, Israel and some others.

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Humanitarian Help to Starving Ones in American Way”.

anti usa soviet russia posters

“The Myth and The Reality”

anti usa soviet russia posters

Self descriptive one.

anti usa soviet russia posters

Neutron and Atomic bombs are bad for piece.

anti usa soviet russia posters

American Bloody Eagle has a pieceful sing “I am a Pieceful Pigeon”

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Shame on America”, who knows what made this poster appear, probably something from news of that times.

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Is this a Freedom?”

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Capitalists from Worldwide, UNITE!” , despite the Soviet moto “Workers of All Countries, Unite!”

anti usa soviet russia posters

“Don’t Misbehave!”

anti usa soviet russia posters

Uncle Sam is doing a slalom across “Soviet Peacufl Initiatives”

 There are plenty of more, but in order not to make this post to heavy I splitted them to three articles, to be continued tommorow.

116 thoughts on “Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters)”

    • “I’m curious when the “Black Sea Provocation” poster was made and the reasoning behind it”

      Try this:

      (Black Sea Bumping Incident)

  1. “US and allies milking blood and oil from the middle east”– HA! (some things never change.)

    Interesting that the USA didnt produce many similar posters during the cold war (or did they?)– I guess most American citizens already distrusted the USSR, didnt need to be reminded with posters.

    • thats not true, u think someone does it only because someone else is doing it, i bet we didnt even see 9/10 of those posters during the cold war, like americans were going on vacation to the CCCP and vice versa, propaganda is a tool of war and manipulation, nothing more get it straight

    • yes, we did, We did not need posters saying dont trust the USSR, we just didnt, after WW2 we took one look at Stalin and said there is no way he is going to be a friend.
      The Korean war proved that right, and we became enemies. In a round-about way, I understand the USSRs taking control of countries after the war, and tryiung to turn countries(South Korea, China, South Vietnam and more Asian countries), because in order for a Socialist(or Communist) society to survive, the whole world needs to be Communist.
      The USSR was trying to survive, but the government trampled all over the people it conquered(and most of its own) so the US tried to stop it so it wuld not harm any more people of the world.
      Today, most Americans like the Russian Federation, and Im sure that you dont hate us either.
      But we still dont trust your government, picking sides with an anti-American country, still friends with the anti-American China, and they themselves, still bitter freom the Cold War and not very US friendly.

      But kudos on Capitalism

      • Well actually, the government was fighting to make sure that communism didn’t spread to america because 1. they wanted to preserve their illusion of freedom, which for some reason makes ‘the people’ happy, and 2. They knew that communism was a sinking ship. Obviously, it sank, and no it wasn’t to SAVE THE RUSSIANS (god knows we hated them so much at the time), but saving our nation from all the bloodshed that a rebellion would cause in addition to the failed government that the USSR was. They may have gained something from this as well, but it was still for the american people.

      • If the US disn’t and doesn’t “care about the rest of the world” why does it have half a million soldiers in 120 countries?

        • this is what we call “imperialism” – The US is protecting it’s interests not “the people”. (as s.o. said before)

          e.g. germany (where i live). believe me – we dont need american soldiers here….even if they dont bother anyone…we just do not care about them. let them play in the dirty and enjoy vacations with german beer 😉

    • Growing up as a child in the 70’s and 80’s in Canada i saw a lot propaganda in American movies and television shows of that era as well as the rhetoric of the presidents.

    • I never saw ANY posters against the USSR while growing up in the USA during the cold war. Most of that came out as political cartoons in US newspapers portraying Stalin as the villain, etc.

  2. 24.jpg spells NATO
    Article on refers to the N A on the bombs meaning neutron and atom, they also refer to the first two letters of NATO.
    The T and O are spelt with a cross and a bail of barbed wire.

  3. USA may not have made posters like this about Russia, but they used movies to portray an ugly comunist Russia, in the same way Russia did in these posters.
    So nobody’s perfect…

  4. Can’t help but agree with most of these. One wonders if Russia has a point? Frankly I believe there’s a huge difference between Propaganda and Truth. This sounds like the old adage “many a true word spoken in jest”
    Sarah From South Africa

  5. The poster “Shame on America” (ПОЗОР АМЕРИКИ) is mistranslated. It should actually read: “Shame OF America” and is probably refering to segregation, ladies and gentlemen.

  6. Interesting posters … some of the comments from people here are typical. If any of these were true, the U.S. would be governing the world by now, or would have wiped it out some years ago with nuclear weapons. The ultimate truth is that in the U.S. there are posters for either side under a veil of free speech, even if one side is lying. In Russia, the government controlled such propaganda, so there is only one side … anti-USA. If you can’t see that now after all of these years, then you must be falling for the posters…

  7. To Eric comment 21 Sept 8:32pm
    Do you not realise it is no longer the USSR? Things have changed mate!! they don’t control as much as your government does! This article if found by the Whitehouse will in most likelihood be removed. Please stop thinking that the USA is all good and innocent stuff goes on behind your backs you don’t even know about. Try living in another part of the world and see the manipulation Bush has on us all! he wants full control of the world regardless of how we feel. He is confronting resistance hence his self made wars.
    South Africa

    • I agree that the USA has it’s fair share of problems, but at least we have the opportunity to speak our minds without agencies like the KGB placing wiretaps on our phones and being sent to hard labor in Siberia for protesting the government.

      Why do you think the USSR collapsed after 1991, and we’ve been a country since the late 1700’s? Communism is a form of government that is destined to fail because it places too much control in the hands of a few greedy government officials.

      I look forward to what’s going to happen when the repressive regimes of Kim Jong Il and Fidel Castro collapse, comrade.

      Even George Bush will be gone by January 2009.

      Capitalism is far from perfect, but it’s the best system of government we have today. At least we have a system of checks and balances to keep one man or woman from gaining too much power.

    • Sarah give me a break, you still cannot compare Russia to the US even today. You are ruled by a complete oligarchy. Yes the US is becoming one but is not yet. Also you DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, have free elections. Freedom house, the organization that ranks countries freedom around the world on wide criteria have said outright that Russias elections are completely rigged and it has been ruled NOT a free country. That alone should tell you.

      Russian women are willing to marry old nasty men just for the chance to come live in America. Russian hockey teams have to pay sometimes 5x the salary to get people to stay there rather than running to the US or Canada to play in the NHL. People want out of Russia because people are still impoverished there in far higher numbers than in the USA.

      I think we both know, if you took a poll of people all over the world asking them if they had to choose to live in USA or Russia which would they pick, almost all of them would say USA.

      We might have corrupt politicians, we might be losing our edge and we might have horrible foreign policy, but the truth is, most people here have nice things, go to bed in a warm home, never hungry, and most of us are free to do and say what we like without worry of repercussions. That is more than many people around the world can say for themselves. I don’t need propaganda to tell me that

  8. Sarah, I doubt that the Whitehouse could care less what a blog has on it’s site. You hit the nail on ths head when you said he is trying to rule the world. The US gov has much bigger thing’s to take care of than to care about some posters that are very funny to start with.
    I am an American and I thought they were all very entertaining. This goes to show you how little we know about each other.

  9. “The poster “Shame on America” (ПОЗОР АМЕРИКИ) is mistranslated. It should actually read: “Shame OF America” and is probably refering to segregation, ladies and gentlemen.”

    Or Vietnam maybe?

    “It was many years ago, but it’s still important. Nothing changes. USA and NATO is a biggest aggressor in the world.”

    Bit strong, in fact, certainly in recent history (say the last 20 years) I can only see evidence of NATO stepping in to counter aggression (i.e. the former Yugoslav Republic, the Gulf War etc).

    That being said, as part of art and world history, these images are fascinating, thanks for keeping them and now sharing.

  10. Marxism is a foreseeing theory: “Here again blood and oil is being poured”; just what is happenning today in Iraq and Afganistan.
    is a pitty USSR doesn´t exist anymore. with no opposition,the axis formed by USA, UK and Israel with other little allies, rules the world without mercy.
    but remember: the words “communism” and “consumism” are different for only a few characters. Words & World can easily change.

    • I have not observed any anti-Soviet/anti-Russian posters in America or United Kingdom.
      It is my opinion that Americans would prefer to cultivate good relations and trade with a nation than to spend money on war preparations. However, this also shows that the will of the people is not necessarily always reflected by the will of the peoples’ government (whomever those people are).

  11. 2 chamamesoldier: absolutely correct!

    About Trevor0989 – the most common position of uneducated americans, thinking that all the world’s might is in their hands and hands of government behind them, and that that’s why they don’t need to know anything more than what surrounds them. They can’t educate themselves on any world-history aspects other than their damn Civil War, Great Depression and Vietnam War, because – oh! – their time is too important for that! They’d better smoke crack, than find out what truly lies behand their history. The nation with ideological thinking that it is a ruler above all other slave-nations. And where are these so god-damn cultivated democracy principles?! – I ask you!

    All this system is rotten and now is the time for another change in the world. All the empires fall, for Christ’s sake!

    I truly contemn people like Trevor0989. By the way, I am from Moscow – how many words can you say on my language, you, all-knowing prick?

  12. 2 Trevor0989: By the way, we still have our missles which make any of modern Missle Defense system senseless. So please cease your shouts, boy

  13. “does english have propaganda posters of russians ???”

    Interesting question, I’m British not American I should state, just so there’s no confusion, I was also born in 1981 so probably a bit late for all this.

    That being said I’ve never seen anything, it’s certainly not the sort of thing you’d see down any streets in the UK and for that matter as far as I’m aware in the USA.

    Arguably all the ‘propaganda’ related to Russia has to be in movies and novels, the most blatant of those would be the Bond movies.

    That being said the Bond movies and novels and stuff are all independently written and produced so I doubt you could really call them propaganda as such.

    I personally like all the Tom Clancy stuff, that’s arguably independent propaganda – though I just like them because they’re an interesting read.

    But in this context no – I’ve never seen or heard of anything even remotely like the above posters.

  14. Times haven’t changed we should all unite against the USA…
    check this:
    they are worst than nazi germany only less obvious!

    • Wow–all you did was prove the point that information is freely available in the US, and criticism is allowed.

      Good job. Go wash your Che T-shirt and comb out your dreds.

  15. True, they didn’t produced posters; but they brainwashed thier citizens so hard, even today most Americans associate Russia with vodka, babushka’s and bears….so much for absense of posters.

    “Russians are filled with blind hatred and jealousy” sounds like you’re describing your attitude toward russians.

    As for superpower…well, it would be very interesting to hear what you say in about 10-15 years.

    • Wheatpaste,
      Those are excellent comments thank you.
      Why are the russians still fighting with the USA???
      There is NO reason! They are so eager to tell us how great there country is but not that the facts show it’s fading.
      To much hate and to much propaganda!

    • The posters from the USofA were made (and still are) by the thousands and have a name: films.
      First was the poor indians, later the communists, the heroic people of Vietnam and everybody that opposes the empire.
      For years and years I thought the Indians were the axis of evil. That was I saw in the screen ! The same with the rest.

  16. Im coming from an unbiased position coming from the UK and I hate all you arrogant Americans leaving comments here, believing your own hype that the world revolves the US. You dont even see that the US is the most sinister and conniving nation in the world. The US is killing and world environmentally and raping the world of resources. Your foreign pollicay is criminal and your nation is rotten with crime, drugs and obesity. There is no chance in hell I would consider the US the greatest nation in the world, in fact I never want to set foot in the horrible place in my life again.

  17. “I agree that the USA has its fair share of problems, but at least we have the opportunity to speak our minds without agencies like the KGB placing wiretaps on our phones ”

    How naive this comment seems, goiven how much we now know about the NSA wiretapping program!

    Yes, most of the US propaganda against the USSR was provatized; that’s the way it usually goes. Private armies, private propaganda.

  18. I think i figure out what the “Shame on America” poster means

    i think it means the american racism (you can see its a black man with blood)

    in fact its true , usa is very racist 🙁

  19. To Adam,

    Agree with you about the ideal communism idea that actually has never been reached. The idea itself is perfect. Maybe it came too early for the modern man whose main motto is to consume. One thing, though – I don’t think those countries actually claimed that they have reached the state when they can call themselves communist, I think they claimed that they were on their way to that. USA used spooky label “commi” to create the enemy.

  20. USA and NATO killed my friends in Europe only a few years ago. Tried to kill my family. What did I do to them? Went to school? Sorry, guess I shouldn’t. When Hitler killed babies in England everyone new, and it was then, when bomb could miss more then a mile. A mistake. When they kill children now by bombs, it is not shown anywhere.

    Those countries that are forming NATO always wanted blood. Even during WWII they killed. Atrocities have been done, and they continue.

    Join NATO and kill on every continent. YEAH BABY!!!

  21. only way to resolve all these problem is to concentrate ourself on UN not in US and its clerks(uk).we are in 21st century in world of sub atomic particle.educated and wise peolple never give attention to any form of propaganda,i mean it.if US restraint itself from indulging in others affair then i think world would be safe by 10 fold..
    thank u

  22. lol

    i skimmed through ur chats..
    but i just wanted to verify..
    Look at video games too?

    red alert 2, 1, the new one too..
    some other games maybe too..
    that’s got a relatively bad image of Russia, doesn’t it?
    i dont know, just another consideration with propaganda in general that theyd be pumpin out..

  23. There still is for now, until “The Annointed One” passes the “Fairness Doctrine” to silence hiss opposition. Bush never even tried that…

  24. What is all this bullsh!t about “at least here we can speak our minds”?

    Is that the best thing that can happen in a supposedly “democratic” and supposedly “free” country? Speaking? For GOD’s sake we were all brainwashed. The fact that you think freedom is having a conversation about how things should be is an obvious red flag to the latter. What power do we have to change anything? Voting? ROLMFAO You probably still believe your vote fawking matters too huh? Explaining the evils of a nation to it’s natives is like explaining that Jesus is the adult version of Santa Claus to fundamentalist christians. Either way they won’t realize the truth until they see the muzzle-flash!

    You all can see how deeply engrained this psychological programming is. Say something critical of Jesus anywhee on the web…notice the tone of the responses. Then critisize the U.S…..same tone….everytime. Why is it that the government of a “free” nation is somehow about criticism. Because since birth us americans are told:

    1. The chirst story is real.

    2. America is the greatest nation on earth no matter what the facts state.

    3. (Implied through “logic”) Christ is real therefore the bibble is authentic….thus we must honor our mother and father whom themselves have been brainwashed….falure to adhere means upsetting MOM and DAD and BURNING IN HELL. To critical of the United States Government is like criticizing GOD to the “informed citizenry” of our “great republic”.

    I mean geez, most you arseholes can’t even point to a country on the map before you agree that it should be nuked!!! This sort of power shouldn’t be in the hands of hillbillies and baboons!!!

    You’ve all been tooled. Owned. Pwned.

    • There are alot of Americans like that but there are less and less people that raise their children like that.

      And even though they may grow up that way they see a different way. I was told that God was real and such but I don’t beleive that anymore, same with that America is the greatest country. I saw it that way when I was little but I can see our numerous mistakes now.

      Thank you for calling us hillbillies and baboons, does that mean that everyone from where you’re from discriminates people so harshly? Alot of people here know where countries are and we’re not the ones that make the final decisions.

      I do agree that our government is pretty ridiculous at times and I’m personally not for nuking or war (that’s just way too much money down the drain and too many lives lost- on both sides) but we’re not going to just sit back and do nothing as well.

      • “Thank you for calling us hillbillies and baboons, does that mean that everyone from where you’re from discriminates people so harshly?”

        Actually in “my country” the people are way harsher than that. Baboon or hillbilly is like cartoon comedy compared to what people think and say about each other here.

        By the way, “my country” is America!!!

  25. by the way, all you third worlders that hate america: no one cares what you think. you have proven that no matter what you are all you ever can be. you have been around for thousands of years longer than us, yet you dont even know that writing has been invented. at least the CCCP pulled itself out of the dark ages to be a worthy enemy. whats your excuse?

  26. Who says “Russia & the USA are ALLIES?” Before too long citizens off the US, and of CCCP will have more in common then anyone ever thought. When Governments are no longer, for the people, then the people have to stand up and be counted. I’d like to be wrong, but recent events tell me History is about to repeat itself. I’ve been to Russia, and the normal citizens are very nice people. Unlike normal citizens we have in the US. Very rarely will someone in the US stop to help someone stranded on the highway. I saw it all the time in Russia.

  27. I just happened to notice that on the “Same year different weather” it says that the red bar, ie; Soviet production is higher than the black bar, ie; US production. However when you look at the actual bars you can see that the Soviet production is up to 20% while the US production is actually 22%. Huh.

  28. I have several (6 or so) similar Soviet propaganda posters from 1984. Maybe this will inspire me to take snapshots of them and post them.

  29. The victory of Vietnam is a victory of solidarity.

    I am so glad the americans got kicked out from Vietnam. The vietnamese people (also in the southern part of the country) always wanted freedom and they were mostly pro-socialists, surely not capitalists. What happened after the war is not good, the government invaded Cambodia and Vietnam closed itself to the world…

  30. Oh you people arguing with each other….

    What really stands out to me is that every power uses the same tactics, they demonize each other while abusing the power alotted to them to keep their slaves in line. The US was no better than its ideological side of the coin Russia , but thats not saying much, because all are slowly adopting to unified a globalist system.The Empire takes many faces. Isn’t nature supposed to diverse? How can one size possibly fit all?

    Truly, they are *all* life sucking systems,humanity is a slave species, we’re just too dominated by power to think we can exist without big daddy, thus we have capitalism is better than/communism is better than/socialism is better than/ etc. etc. ETC. when ALL have wreaked untold suffering.We are a traumatized, confused people.

    Its a false argument friends, artificial lines in the sand, only people are so indoctrinated they argue for their enslavers….look at the Wall street bailouts to see how used we are to the boot in our face

    Our Minds arent even free, not with the media blietzkrieg of the last half century, so our very frames of reference, of thought are drawn up before even entering the debate. We use the terms thought up for us to argue for systems already sold to the highest bidder & then congratulate ourselves on our freedom & ingenuity like it matters. Lie upon lie upon lie, till the world is the utter mess its in now. Welcome to the Machine.

    Institues like Tavistock were here decades before to hack the human mind & see what makes us tick. The Nazis were brought overseas by the US to train them in the art of oppression at the end of the war; i mean its all on record, this isn’t conspiracy theory. There’s all this sinister history & theory & quotes simply not made public & thanks to the utter compartmentalization of our grand liberal democracies we aren’t ever encouraged to put two & two together. Behind the scenes these talking heads aren’t the enemies they pretend to be. MY god its like we’re all hypnotized….

    Left, Right,Marxist,Feminist, Enviromentalist (dont get me started on global warming) – simple Hegelian constructs designed to further divide us. If you look hard enough, its all out there, they tell us what they are doing to us daily.

    We need to stop arguing for the lesser of two evils, because it ALL evil, one sick machine perpetuating itself worldwide, i dont care where the map says one country ends & another begins, the will to power marks many a psychopathic heart & the scum always rises to the top in our societies.

    Its all the same, one parasitical military-industrial-entertainment complex & the more rules the more legislation passed to try to solve our problems & wordly woes just further complicate matters till we can’t tell up from down, left from right, light from dark.

    treat each other well people, stop wasting time screaming at each other on forums, cause its the only thing we can do now.

    We see what happens when people resist ‘freedom & democracy’ & the ability to have a Mcdonalds on every street corner & live in perpetual wage labor: Bombs,Killer drones, economic blockades, prison terms.

    this thing will have to fall on its own

    • Thank you! I completely agree. People need to stop arguing because that is exactly why the world is such a cruel corrupted world. Everyone thinks they are right, when in reality THERE IS NO RIGHT. Everything is human construct. Russian, American…IT MEANS NOTHING. So why are we killing each other about such ridiculous things? Everyone needs to just calm the fudge down…

  31. Thanks so much for posting these posters! I find socialist propaganda posters so interesting and kind of fun. They’re innocent in the way that they are so simple, compared to Western propaganda techniques of the same era. They’re great, and it’s interesting that they point out real problems with the US culture, like the ‘blood and oil’ poster.

    To everyone who gets mean and gets into flame wars on this site: I would tell you to stop, and that you are embarassing yourselves, but you probably post hate every chance you get anyway. I can picture the most vicious of you now- scrawny, covered in acne, hiding behind your computer screens, no hope for a girlfriend, hating the whole world. Sad.

  32. This is very interesting for me to know about the cold war and communism. Once there was a time when communism impressed me during last half decade of ussr.But soon after collaps of iron curtens and Burline wall, I came to know the realities of human sufferings of innocent people in communist countries.I think extremism of any kind has not permanent affects on human nature.

  33. Hi, i hope you don’t mind me posting here but i tried to subscribe to your RSS and it said “parse error, unexpected T_STRING on line 26

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  35. Here’s an anthem that will always be better than Russia’s.

    Oh, say! can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming;
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
    Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
    Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
    What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
    Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
    In fully glory reflected now shines in the stream:
    ‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh, long may it wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution!
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    Oh, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”:
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  36. I believe you meant peace and peaceful not piece and pieceful. Soviet propaganda posters are by far the most unappreciated form of pop art ever! Their value in manipulating the countless inhabitants of what was one the third largest nation on the planet was priceless. These posters offer a look back to a vast and methodical scheme to brainwash an entire populous.

    • Right on – the USSR was only a brief attempt at more just society – we’ve had capitalism for centuries.
      And yet the richest nation on earth throws its recently-unemployed citizens (who have previously worked all their lives) into tent cities under motorway bridges – that would never have happened in a socialist system. And darwinian science is outlawed in the bible belts and…(well, you know the rest)

  37. I have no idea why America and Russia at one time enemies with each other..made no sense other than to get taxes to build a huge defense that would never be used thank goodness.

    Russia by far is a great, powerful nation….
    The Democrats started the Vietnam War killing mass amounts of people, children, animals…such a shame….

  38. great! most of artwork is not outdated even today in 21 century. well, probably because us foreign policy haven’t changed a lot, bat still impressive posters.

  39. Great information. I got lucky and found your site from a random Google search. Fortunately for me, this topic just happens to be something that I’ve been trying to find more info on for research purposes. Keep up the great work and thanks a lot.

  40. I believe you meant peace and peaceful not piece and pieceful. Soviet propaganda posters are by far the most unappreciated form of pop art ever! Their value in manipulating the countless inhabitants of what was one the third largest nation on the planet was priceless. These posters offer a look back to a vast and methodical scheme to brainwash an entire populous.

    Frisco Plumber

  41. I have no idea why America and Russia at one time enemies with each other..made no sense other than to get taxes to build a huge defense that would never be used thank goodness.

    Russia by far is a great, powerful nation…. The Democrats started the Vietnam War killing mass amounts of people, children, animals…such a shame….

  42. propaganda is just trolling but on a national level and usually by the government. They don’t tell the truth they get you to think what they want you to think. Both countires suck by the way.

  43. I am young and did not witness the rise and fall of communism. Yet, here we are still experiencing the trauma of the transition period.
    I believe that if Communism has succeeded in its mission to conquer the world, the world would now be a better place.
    Why? We already witness how Capitalism disintegrates – or in other words how the policy of living on credit, buying thousands of needless things, materialism and consumerism ravages its way throughout the world.
    What communism gave people was work and security. Truly, not all of them had the ambition to succeed, they were quite certain that no matter what happens they will not lose their jobs and as a result the development of communist-block technology was highly retarded especially after the 1970s.
    What capitalism gives people is an illusionary freedom and a constant ambition, a struggle to survive, to be better than the rest. This drives capitalist economy and technology forward but also capitalist society backwards. People in some country may have bigger salaries, higher living standard but this hardly makes any difference.
    It is hard for people to believe, especially for Americans and the citizens of the capitalist-born countries of Western Europe, that under communism many people had absolutely everything they needed to be happy. Healthcare was absolutely free and so was education. You were on a constant salary all your live and never suffered the need of more money. Every year you have absolutely free vacation guaranteed by your workplace. Nearly everybody had the money to buy a car, yet not as fancy as those in America or Europe (who needs fancy cars by the way!?!) Moreover, there was absolutely no crime. No thefts, no murders. My grandfather has told me that once, while he was on a business trip, he was traveling with his car when he run out of fuel. He asked a complete stranger to look after his car for a while – a gypsy who in Eastern Europe nowadays are prominent for being the master thieves in society (it is as if to give your car to a completely unknown gangster in the ghetto. Unfortunately, my grandfather had a serious difficulty finding fuel and was busy more than half a day. When he get back the gypsy was still standing there and handed him the carkeys my grandfather had given him. I can hardly imagine that this is possible in the United States. A society in which even the thought of committing a crime does not occur to the common person.
    Of course, not everybody was so immaculate. And it is because of people who constantly wanted more and more that communism failed. The problem of Communism is that it counts on people’s virtue and selfless industry in order to succeed. That is why there was such a propaganda here ( By the way, do not say that Americans do not have propaganda – just look at James Bond movies /alright, he may have been British, doesn’t make great difference/).
    As for the repressions of the communist government. Truly, there were such repressions but I believe they are extremely exaggerated in the eyes of Americans. None of my relatives ever witnessed any kind of repression. It was only one of my grandmother’s acquaintances who was thrown in prison for stealing alcohol from his workplace (he worked in a spirits factory)-obviously not everybody was so immaculate. Television was censured and so was the press. It is hard to deny that. Protests, if there were any, were cracked down even before they begun. But after all, who needs to protest when he is happy, when he has absolutely everything he needs – free healthcare, free education for all his children, constant income and ability to buy nearly everything there is on the market, a loving family and good friends – people were much more friendly and hospitable at that time or at least everybody I know says so.
    What is the freedom in America? You have the right to protest, to talk, to do everything you want – at least on paper. But as I said why should you protest if you are happy. People usually protest when they have no money, they go on strikes for bigger salaries because they cannot survive in the materialistic, consumerist capitalist jungle. Something more – during communism absolutely everyone was equal. Of course, members of the ruling party were slightly more privileged but not as much as rich people in the US are nowadays. When will the daughter of the ghetto gangster marry that of the US president? Well, this could easily happen in the ex-communist world. There were truly no classes, no castes – a monolithic society.
    I can continue hours and hours writing this composition but it has already taken me too much time so I am finishing here.

  44. With the one that says ‘stop children’ the striped ‘stop’ and horizontal line represent a barricade and it’s supposed to be read like the U.S. street signs that say ‘slow children’

  45. You know the USSR fell do to an unstable economy and the USA won the space race, communism doesn’t really work, but it was interesting.

  46. Some of the best symbolism can be found in propaganda. A poster with a minimum of words, or perhaps no words at all, can contain such a density of information — societal values, fears, hopes, and of course the appeal or admonition to the viewer. Of course, it’s so useful to see the propaganda of “the other side” (for lack of a better term). History texts, especially children’s textbooks, are very bad at presenting the motivations or worldview of anyone who isn’t the U.S.

    — ““Shame on America”, who knows what made this poster appear, probably something from news of that times.” The (US) news of the time was the Civil Rights Movement — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X, etc. Widely publicized were images of police letting dogs loose on children. It gave quite some fuel to the USSR propaganda machine, while US whites couldn’t see the hypocrisy in front of their face.

    — The poster that focuses on schools closing? That would have likely been in the wake of the very (VERY) slow enforcement of Brown v. Board of Education, which many communities responded to by…simply defunding public facilities, schools included, and closing them down completely. (“There Goes My Everything” covers a lot of this.)

  47. Wow, reading these comments I am really horrified for the state of our world. As an American, yes I feel that America is often misrepresented in media and is unjustly hated throughout the rest of the world. But I also wonder if maybe sometimes our government isn’t as justified as they claim to be. There seems to be a disagreement about propaganda. Some people are commenting that they can’t understand how people believed what all the propaganda is saying, but if propaganda is really good then people won’t notice it is propaganda. I’m sure many people in the USSR thought Stalin was a great leader and was completely justified. But clearly he wasn’t. And yet, how do I know that I haven’t just been brainwashed by my society to think that way?

    All I’m saying is that we don’t really know how true the information given to us really is. Maybe if we all stop arguing because we have different perceptions of the situation, we would be able to realize that.


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