Ukraine Clones Dollar

A few days ago a new banknote was announced in Ukraine. It could be passed unnoticed if not an interesting similarity to the One Dollar bill of USA: an all-seeing eye and a contour of a pyramid.

ukraine currency has dollar signs on it

Is that the way how a new country tries to achieve the success of USA cloning the currency exterior and believing that the details of the great seal have such magic meaning? Then it’s strange why didn’t they put the ribbon with “Novus Ordus Seclorum” somewhere on the bill too.

8 thoughts on “Ukraine Clones Dollar”

  1. Perhaps the new money has an RFID chip {Radio Frequency Identification). I wouldn’t be surprised if it is not in the eye. They are watching you, you know!


    THAT’S “what asses ‘independent’ Ukraine” licks.

    (I’m joking– I think it’s just a coincidence, or maybe “imitation is the best form of flattery”)

  3. Perhaps this doesn’t relate back to the american dollar, but from the same roots as the symbology on the back of the dollar. Is there a sizable masonry following in the ukraine, or at least by the leaders of the ukraine?

  4. this symbol alredy existed on the world in the time when people from America were still runnung naked with the spears between the trees.

  5. It’s the eye of providence, it’s supposed to symbolize God watching over humanity. If it was the Illuminati, I doubt they’d advertise the fact.

  6. This is happening all over the world…its the NWO or the New World Government…
    Its also mentioned in the Bible how the world will be under one ruler someday…we are seeing it happen before our eyes…

    Right now, the world is collapsing..the economies across the world are going under…. plus, you add the disasters on top and you have a perfect recipe for the beginning of the NWO….

    The Eye that sees all, its on money all over the world.. Watch as the world continues to collapse as we are in a Global Market….if you haven’t joined, you soon will, this is the sign that Russia is coming to the NWO…Welcome!!!!


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