Planes Crashing Into Trucks

If something happens more than twice a month we can say it happens often. So in Russia planes often crash into trucks. This time in Vunokovo, Russia during August, 2006 there were two times when a big passenger plane smashed a service truck.

Here are some photos:

in russia planes crash trucks

This one smashed into a fuel truck.

in russia planes crash trucksin russia planes crash trucks

I wonder what happened to the driver. He was lucky it was a cabin but not a fuel tank.

in russia planes crash trucks

And who was the cause of the accident  – a pilot or a truck driver?

in russia planes crash trucks

in russia planes crash trucks

 And another one.

in russia planes crash trucks

And we already had a story about plane crushing a truck that was driven by American in Bishkek a few weeks ago. So it seems to be a global tendency in Russian airports, and there are no any reasonable explanations of it.

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  1. In the second picture it can be seen that the plane was following the guide lines on the tarmac when it hit the truck. Looks like it might have been the truck driver’s fault!


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