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This is a Soviet Era Music video about an American guy who liked Beatles and Rolling Stones, came to USSR and spent time singing with Soviet brothers, but then got a letter from USA ordering him to return to USA sign to Army and depart to Vietnam War. So he did and then got killed. Some sort of a tradegy but look how does they sing!

By the way during the Soviet Era the state had a grip on all the music bands. You couldn’t start a band without getting an approval from a special comittee, and if you were planning to play some rock’n’roll you never got the approval.

So this was a band with a license from a state.

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  1. Great Video!!!
    just pay attention to a guy with sunglaces!!!
    By the waj my father was telling me strrys about 70-s SU, so it was forbidden even to here rock’n’roll, or Jazz. If somone catch you listening bands Like Led Zeppelin or rolling stones you may found yourself in KGB basment next day. The one of most forbidden things was “Jesus Christ-Superstar” rock opera!!!
    Strange huh?

  2. Howdy! I thought the music was good but I didn’t understand the words, something about the Rolling Stones I think. Any ways this is a nice website! I came to see that tank from WWII get pulled out of the lake and stayed to checkout the rest of the site! //bob

  3. I’ve heard English and Italian versions of this song, it’s been sung even by Joan Baez (a famous country music US singer).

    I might be wrong, but I think the original version is from an Italian singer called Gianni Morandi, and it was presented at the San Remo festival…
    Of course the lyrics in Italian and English are a bit different… this is the lyrics in Italian, in case you’re curious:

    Greetings from Spain 🙂

  4. What an interesting find!!!

    In Brazil, a band called “Engenheiros do Havaii” (engineers of hawaii) someday played this music in portuguese!!! No one said it was a re-recording from someone in Russia, I could never imagine something like that. I don’t remember the music’s name, but it is exactely the same, same history, same chords, same everything, but in Portuguese!!!

    I doubt any band’s fan knows about that!

    Greetz from Brazil!

  5. I’m a bit puzzled about what you said about the rock’n’roll music being forbidden in the comunist Russia, as my parents bought from there many discs with good rock music, such as Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrics and so on…

  6. The original lyrics from Gianni Morandi (in Itaian):

    C’era un ragazzo che come me
    amava i beatles e i rolling stones
    girava il mondo veniva da
    gli stati uniti d’america
    non era bello ma accanto a se
    aveva mille donne se
    cantava “help” e “ticket to ride”
    o “lady jane” o “yesterday”
    cantava viva la liberta’
    ma ricevette una lettera
    la sua chitarra mi regalo’
    fu richiamato in america
    stop coi rolling stones
    stop coi beatles stop
    m’han detto va nel vietnam
    e spara ai vietcong
    ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ……..

    C’era un ragazzo che come me
    amava i beatles e i rolling stones
    girava il mondo ma poi fini’
    a far la guerra nel vietnam
    capelli lunghi non porta piu’
    non suona la chitarra ma
    uno strumento che sempre da’
    la stessa nota ta ta ta ta
    Non ha piu’ amici non ha piu’ fans
    vede la gente cadere giu’
    nel suo paese non tornera’
    Adesso e’ morto nel vietnam
    stop coi rolling stones
    stop coi beatles stop
    sul petto un cuore piu’ non ha
    ma due medaglie o tre
    ta ta ta ta ta ta …….

  7. Sorry guys,

    Couldn’t find English translation and the computer translation is quite lame. But the Russian words go fairly close to the original. I really don’t have time to translate it now.

    Their stage behaviour is quite cool, resembles Kraftwerk. We had everything back in the 60-es, 70-es, don’t fool yourself. It wasn’t easy, true, but we had it anyway.

  8. Here’s an attempt at a translation, using the google translation, and a little editing.

    There was a boy who like me he loved The Beatles and The Rolling Stones
    He always toured the world to sing the pretty things of America
    He was not beautiful but exactly thus he had a thousand girls
    If he sang “Help” and “Ticket to Ride” or “Lady Jane” or “Yesterday”
    He sang alive to the freedom, but a letter without waiting
    Of his guitar it separated it, he is called in America.
    Stop! With Rolling Stones, stop! with Beatles songs.
    Errand was to Vietnam, to fight the Vietcongs.

    Ta tá ra ta tá…

    He was a boy who like me loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones
    He toured the world but it finished, making the war in Vietnam
    Long hair do not use more, it does not touch its guitar and yes
    An instrument that always gives to the same note ra-tá-tá-tá
    It does not have friends, it does not see girls, people deceased only fall to the soil
    To its country it will not come back, therefore he is died in Vietnam.
    Stop! With Rolling Stones, stop! with Beatles songs
    In the chest a heart does not have, but two medals yes.

    Ta tá-ra ta tá…
    Ra-tá-tá-tá tá-t

  9. we knew all music back in 70s. Boys had a special notebooks where they wrote down names of many bands in English and lots of texts. My uncle was about 20 at that time and I always wanted to stole that notebook from him so I could show it to my friends… lol… It was a different time but we had normal and interesting life! And sun was bright and time was great! 60s was a time of my parents! And they never complained either! They were geologists! Trips to mountains, lots of special songs, campfire etc,,, Strong, brave people who could climb mountains were popular there. Songs look simple and music sounds primitive now but it was the TIME!

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