A Movie That Impressed Cannes Movie Festival

This movie was very popular on Cannes Festival. A story of a man who guards an electrical transformer on a halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg. He afraids that people can come and steal copper parts of the unit and would sell them for recycling.

During all the video he sits in one place and drunk. Weeks pass, but he sits and speaks about his worries in a dirty Russian language. He is also accompanied by some strange looking person, it’s hard to say is it a woman or a man.

 Just see the part from the movie yourself, it has English subtitles.



7 thoughts on “A Movie That Impressed Cannes Movie Festival”

  1. looks like people want to desplay the most disgasting sides of former Soviet Union time and even nowdays,but don’t believe all was like in this video.look for nice things-you’ll find a lot!


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