Madonna Casual Photos

These photos were taken in Moscow when Madonna was visiting a school for orphans

madonna in russia - casual photos

It’s cool to see her not photographed by some special events photographer, but just in casual everyday life.

madonna in russia - casual photos

Just take notice of her clothes and you will understand how hot the Russian summer is.

madonna in russia - casual photos

Kids asked her some nice questions like: “How can you speak English so fluently?” and “Do you really live in the USA?”. The USA seems to them to be some kind of mirage.

madonna in russia - casual photos

Do you recall that sometimes when photos of pop/movie stars appear where they are without make-up?  They usually look horrible, but this pop star looks pretty good, even without special make up, etc.

Nice photos from my point of view, the photographer is Nikolay Danilov.





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  1. hello there – in the united states. I live in moscow and went to that show with madonna. Did you know that half of tickets was not sold out and some of public sections was empty. no matter what her website had beem talking. people who came was waiting for 4 hours while the show starts. so by the end everybody was tired and not happy. for myself personally – this show should have come here somewhere 5-8 years ago. at that time she was most popular, and now – she is about to die. (to end)

  2. I don’t understand what the “taking notices of her coat” has to do with Russian weather? I lived in Moscow for 5 years and it’s HOT during the summer. Perhaps it was windy that day and she was afraid to get cold while on tour! I can’t exmplain why she’s wearing a coat, but I thought it was kinda rude of whoever made the comments to point out once again that Russia is “cold”. Also, the kids are kids, to them USA seems like something different just like to you, obveously Russia seems strange as well. I really view these comments as negative towards the kids and Russia which is not what Madonna intended. She visited those orphaned kids because she cared for them. You are making rude comments about them because you are a brainwashed American.

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