Animal Rights Activists Liberated 30,000 Minks At Once

A Russian Animal Rights Activists group “Animal Liberation Front” or “ALF” have made an extreme action in St. Petersburg region. They liberated 30,000 minks from the cages whom were held on the territory of the farm.

They got inside the farm, crushed the fences and opened cages where 30 thousand minks were held. The animals ran away, only a small fraction of them were captured next day. The damaged caused by the ALF actions was estimated at $300,000. The owners of the farm had to suspend all the workers of the farm, thus a whole village was left without a job.

In a few days another group of “ALF” tried to penetrate to another farm of the same owners. They came to the farm on two light trucks and a few passenger cars, but the security service of the farm was able to repulse an attack.

Here is the video made by “ALF” while their visit to the first farm:

According to “ALF” statement, they are “happy for each mink that was able not to return into the hands of butchers. Every saved life of each mink is worth of what we have committed. We address to all the owners and workers from farms we already visited or which we will visit in the nearest future: leave the animals alone! They can live in the wild nature all by themselves, because nature is their original home!”

19 thoughts on “Animal Rights Activists Liberated 30,000 Minks At Once”

  1. supid.

    think of the people who worked on the farm,

    think of their families

    (no fur -> no many -> farm is bankrupt and closed)

    think of minks who grew up in the cage and have no idea of how to get food by themselves. they will inevitably die.

    cheers to animal activists; I think the first their activity should have been studying of economics and the second – getting some psychiatric help with electicity.

  2. one mink does not cost 1000$, fur from one mink goes for $70 in retail and even less wholesale, so the damages are vastly overstated. Unless the farm and the neighboring town have been burned down or something…

  3. Didn’t know these PETA-like ecofascists exist in Russia too. Too bad.

    30.000 minks, $300.000.
    That means $10 per mink, not $1000!

  4. This is as genius as letting chickens out and saying that they are now liberated. Death-% in winter is 100%. The only difference is that the chickens don’t kill and eat other animals.

  5. The grocery store chain that I work for owns a few egg farms PETA attacked it and let the chickins go. The Egg Farms now owned by my emploeer have sacurity tighter than a Nuclear Power Plant! 24 hours a day 7 days a week even on holidays! This was the first attack ever made on a compay egg farm and was the last.

  6. Peta and the ALF are completely different things. Peta do not destroy property, whereas the ALF does, for their own reasons. Just because someone is an animal rights activist, does not make them automatically associated with either of these groups, nor does it make them a criminal. It’s extremely frustrating that people automatically label animal rights activists as criminals, you should look into it a bit more.

  7. As for a syntetic fabric plant – do you know about all the damages that it makes? This takes away and destroys many biotops and habitats of animals. Struggle against fur breeding is a real hypocrasy

  8. Hello, so many comments calling the activists ‘dumb’ when over half of these comments are riddled with spelling mistakes and other foul language – pot calling the kettle black im afraid. I don’t agree with certain actions ALF take, although I sympathise with why they do them/it. As for 30,00 minks dying – well 30,00 minks were going to die anyway, skinned for fur. Most of you are being very short sighted, ALF would have released the animals, knowing most would perish, however they have sent their message across, and caused great damage within the fur industry – both being their aims. Also claims that 30,000 mink would devastate wildlife are factual, however half of the comments made sighting this claim, also clearly take a moral higher ground on animals i.e. you dont actually care about the wildlife, it just helps your arguement. 30,000 mink in the wild , may be unnatural, but 30,00 mink in cages is clearly unnatural (on a whole different level), so whose really to blame.

  9. All my respect goes to those suffering, be it you personally or a member of your family. My hope is for quick medical advancement quickly to help all those in need.

  10. While I grieve for the farmers’ families, I am happy that the fur industry has suffered. Its as worthless and superficial as leather – based on vanity and slaughter. Yes, I am a vegan.


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