A Tip For Better Parking

If you would travel to Russia and don’t see enough space for parking in a big city, you can park like this Nissan owner in St. Petersburg.

 a neat way to park your car while your travel to st. petersburg

The main thing while using this method is to mind the distance to the standing cars and buildings.

the russian nissan owner looks happy

This time the Nissan owner got way to far, though practice makes perfect.

nissan and volkswagen on the streets of st. petersburg

But in general the parking attempt was OK.

volkswagen was almost not damaged

The damage of the nearby parked Volkswagen was minimal.


9 thoughts on “A Tip For Better Parking”

  1. It looks like Nissan run into the wall since the airbag is open and the right side of the car is damaged.
    So, the process of parking was not very successful. In fact it was an accident.
    But there are people in russia who would not mind parking their car in this way )

  2. it’s a run-of-the-mill car accident. how is that “russian humor”? кросафчег, что с твоей головой?

  3. Actually I’m not a Nissan driver, I’m the Golf owner 🙂
    I’ve posted these images at my native WV forum http://volkswagen.msk.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=33001&st=0
    Sure you can understand why I’m happy.

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