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  1. This one is simple.

    Respect to you for making this blog as popular as it is in just two months.
    Поздравляю вас!
    За Ваше здоровье!
    cyk wodeczka 😀

  2. if its not guessing your letters you should take some maths lessons 😉
    its just that all the multiples of 9 have the same letter… nothin fancy 😀

  3. Хуйня. Он меня не понимает. Может надо мышей дольше держать над нужным рисунком?

  4. At first, I thought that it always came out snowflake. But then I clicked it randomly and got the arrow. Then I tried again and my symbol was the wave, and it got that too.

    It’s not just the same thing every time, its a little more complex than that. I don’t feel like sitting here figuring it out (that’s what US math education will do.)

    Can someone who took math in Russian please figure this out so I can send it to my friends and than show off my (your) superior intelect.


  5. Any two-digit number minus the sum of its digits is 9 times the first digit.

    The numbers that are factors of 9 have the same symbol in the table. It forms a noticeable diagonal.

  6. Well, if the site would only allow ONE or TWO attempts, you’d be left with more of a mystery. Of course, it can be toooo difficult to figure out since it is on the web and must work for everyone. There are many versions of this and other very cool trick on http://www.richferguson.com/watch.html

    Some can be “figured out” if you do them a few times, but enjoy! Cheers, r

  7. 99 and 90 are multiples of 9 and do not work so it’s not just multiples of 9.

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  8. if you choose any number for example 98, and you subtract its last digit 8, the result is 90,
    if you choose another number 96, subtract its last digit 6, the result is also 90,
    that means any number 9X(=90+X), you subtract its last digit(9X-X= 90+X – X), you substract its last digit, it is 90,and then you substract its tens digit, result is 90-9=81.
    and the forth:
    9X-X-9 = 90-9 = 81(9X refers to any number betweens 90 and 99)
    8X-X-8 = 80-8 = 72(8X means any number betweens 80~89 )
    ………70-7 = 63
    ………60-6 = 54
    ………50-5 = 45
    ………40-4 = 36
    ………30-3 = 27
    ………20-2 = 18
    1X-X-1 = 10-1 = 9
    0X-X-0 = 0-0 = 0

    by the way, the second digit of a number we call it “tens digit”, and anyone tell me what you call the last digit of a number. my english is not good.
    thank you!


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