Madonna Could be Bombed

Today, 12th of September, 2006 in Moscow is going to be a great show by Madonna. It has been said before that Madonna was very scared of her trip to Russia because she was threatened by anonymous people of Russian origin, demanding her to cancel the show, that’s why she wanted the security measures of the show to be extra high class ones.

Two girls, two journalists of some Russian newspaper decided to check those extra measures. They decided to make a fake alarm clock bomb and take it inside the show as much closer to the main arena as possible. They had to pass five security checks.

russian show of maddona could be bombed

First they have got a big box and an alarm clock that they put inside. They made two of such fakes, put them in their bags and came to the “Luzhniki” concert hall – a big covered stadium in Moscow.

russian show of maddona could be bombed

When they arrived they were stopped by the first security on entrance. He was not interested in checking their bags just sold them a ticket to enter together with the car.

russian show of maddona could be bombed

Then they parked a car and went to a gate leading directly to the stadium. There was another security man, he talked to them asked about the weather and was also not interested in their bags.

After passing him, they met a group of nine more security people standing around and paying no attention to two Russian girls walking through a concert hall where Madonna show is going to happen today.

Then after passing even more further inside one security stopped them and asked if they had special bracelets which could indicate that they can enter the stadium as a staff. “Of course” we have, lied two girls, and he lost his interest to them, he didn’t even check if they really have those bracelets!

So they were inside, not inside the arena where visitors come for the show but inside the private area where musicians, producers and other staff work. So they chose two places where to leave their “presents to Madonna”.  

russian show of maddona could be bombed

They put one inside a staff restroom nearby the changing room where Madonna is going to be prepared for her show.
russian show of maddona could be bombed

Another one was left on VIP audience seatings.

On their way back nobody again cared about the purpose of their visit. Probably two girls cannot be associated anyhow with a terrorist threat in the mind of Russian security.

And tonight there would be a real Madonna show, what if somebody really carried something bad inside?


11 thoughts on “Madonna Could be Bombed”

  1. that you’ve tagged this as “funny things to do” may underscore the difference in what is your reality from the reality of people not in russia

  2. This thing could happen everywhere on earth (maybe except in the US and UK). Its very funny reading angry comments from russian people.
    Nobody will change their mind about going to russia because of that blog…
    It just makes it more interesting. Like the lack of water in the desert:)

    Who want to spend its vacation in a super secure place never thought about going to russia…

    And congrats for this blog!

    Daniel from Hungary

  3. hell we were like this in the U.S.A. befor 9/11 happened! Now in post 9/11 were a bit more paranoied with these Muslum cammel jockeys who are not worth the ground we walk on wanting to bomb everyone and kill anyone who dose not follower there NAZI Like Ideas.

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