Castle In Countryside

Some rich Russians from countryside still prefer to live in castles. At least this one does:

russian village

From a first site it’s a common Russian village. Almost without roads to it as it very often happens in Russian countryside.

a castle in village, russia

But if to come closer to the village one can see some strange structure meeting him. Also one cas see an abandoned car’s body to the right.

if you travel closer to russian village you can see a real castle

If to come closer there is a real castle can be seen.

Castle In Countryside

With towers and gates. It seems to be still under construction.

another view of russian castle

But the finished parts really should scare their local peasant neighbours. What if the new landlord would decide to turn all the local people to his serfs?


10 thoughts on “Castle In Countryside”

  1. Hey I really like the absence of planning control outside most cities in Eastern Europe where everybody builds their fantasy home, with castle walls or turrets just like Sleeping Beauty, or Roman villas.

    But then I come from the UK where houses only come in one style: brick box.

  2. All my life I live in Russia and I knew a lot of interesting at this web-site!!!! I read some articles and ALL i read is real nonsense! I have never read so many unintelligence on one web-site. I belive that all this articles was written by persons that have never been in Russia! Russia is the best place in the world!! Rassians is the funnyest,kindest, the most responsive, friendliest, helpful!!!!
    Мы самые лучшие!!! Я такой другой страны не знаю, где так счастлив был бы человек!!!!

  3. Good piece of architecture! Yet… it needs a ditch around the walls and a couple of dragons by the main entrance.

    I am positive that that castle is designed and built by someone like Zurab Tseriteli (Georgian) for someone like Ramazan Kadyrov (Chechen), or for a Gipsy baron, who deals with heroin trafficking from Tajikistan. No ordinary Russian would be able to erect anything like that.

    How long have you been in Russia?

  4. i truely regret that there are so many that hate americans so much. please know that few americans feel the same way toward others on this planet.

  5. Look at the styrofoam castle! I love how the walls don’t go all the way to the ground- you can see the concrete underneath the plastic. This kind of fakery is common in America also… I have lived in the USA and the USSR, and I can say with certainty that people are the same where-ever you go.


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