Stalin’s Dreams of Moscow

Comrade Stalin wanted to turn Moscow city into an 8th Wonder of the World, thus he was planning on constructing some buildings that would look tremendous. Most of his dreams have not come true, Moscow hasn’t become a World’s Wonder and the buildings were left just on paper, probably because of WW2 was taking place and then the country was recovering from its consequences. Still the designs are fun to look at:stalin plans about moscow city

stalin plans about moscow city

stalin plans about moscow city

stalin plans about moscow city

stalin plans about moscow city

stalin plans about moscow city

stalin plans about moscow city

stalin plans about moscow city

Moscow could attract a lot more travellers if there was something like this built.

And a little Russian story about Stalin.

Stalin wanted Russian engineers to build a new army plane, with superior characteristics. He invited the main engineer, comrade Ivanov, to his office in Kremlin and ordered him to have the plane ready in two months. “But according to our secret service, it would take 1 year for Americans to build such a plane!” replied the engineer. For this Stalin said: “I can’t understand comrade Ivanov, are you an American?”. It has been said that after that the plane was built in time, after two months.

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  1. Well, Stalin was insane, but strong willed person. And design is not made by Stalin himself. But there is it – soviet arch. Its something like Babylonian/futuristic huge grey or white buildings. Something like WTC…

  2. … and the planes of that model continued to crash during the test stage and afterwards in real combat 🙂
    thats the russian way of making things.

  3. you do have to appreciate the amazing artist renderings. there are many talented and intelligent russian and ex-soviet people out there, as entertaining as this site is, most of it shines a too negative of a light.

  4. In real combat? Do you ever seen how russian planes are flight and combat? What is abot “russian way of making things”? What about AKM riffle that will shout when you draw them from sand? Can M-17 do the same?

  5. Mihail speaks the truth.

    I’m a Brit, I know people who were in the military, and have been in the military. I know people who were constantly living with being 5 minutes from war with the CCCP. What I’ve heard from these men, and what I’ve observed from the Kalashnikov I checked out myself (lovely noise when you cock it) these things are indestructible. Those I’ve talked to have alot of respect for the weapon and alot of respect for the men they may have one day had to be up against.

    But in short, the AK is a fantastic invention, the same with many other pieces of Russian equipment. Also, other Russian constructions, such as the women.

  6. Russia has a big problem called Putin. I do not know why Russia is still under control and idea of one man. Will Russia be free some day?

  7. To misimo. yeap shure Putin is bad mr J. Bush is ok. HUH? pay attention for example that russia won II ww, and US with all its “military power” newer won any war during last 200 years.

    P.S. Armenia FOREVER 😀

    • Actually it is funny how people can interprete words. can you please tell me more about “plans the soviets had for armenia”.

    • newyorker, you are one of the few reasonable honest people here. all i see is a lot of bragging about things that never were by other people, manipulation of history, distortion of facts, and outright lies. thanks for telling it like it is!

  8. Russia has a big problem called Putin. I do not know why Russia is still under control and idea of one man. Will Russia be free some day?
    Yes, in next year spring or so.Revolt in Kondopoga is a first step.

    • Russia needs Putin. It is used to strong leaders. We tried the democracy thing under Yeltsin; it didn’t go so well. Some cultures just have no need for democracy. Look at China; the most capitalistic nation in the world, yet doing fine (economically and militarily) as an authoritarian state.
      I am always against taking peoples’ freedoms but what are you supposed to do when people neither want nor understand freedom? You do not build democracy; it develops when the time is right.

  9. Yep! This could be a great country. Even more then that. It could be the world’s order. I don’t think someone would suffer of that like it’s going on right now.
    Afftar!! vipey yadu! Uchi matchast’! This was not parteigenosse Ivanov. His name was Yakovlev. The fighters of his construction are still the best in the world 😉

  10. Why didn’t you mention also, that all achievments in science and engineering where made in so called jails, where the auther was safe from america and also he had all he wanted?
    Cause otherwise he would die from unkonown disease or vanish at all.

  11. Russia, the same as ex-USSR has only one chance if some Hitler or Stalin will come to power. I don’t think that Bush’s masters will admit to. If they will, it’ll be pizdec to all. 🙂 Have fun!

  12. 2greensnake:
    Ну вот! А я тут язык ломаю 🙂
    Все делают ошибки. Ошибка Гитлера в том, что не добил 🙂
    А Джугашвили по ходу не было вообще 🙂 Уже неоднократно доказано, что это была группа как минимум 5 человек (двойников). И был ли среди них настоящий Сталин никто не знает. В том числе никто не знает, кто управлял страной в то время.
    Сейчас то же похоже происходит с Юсченкой. 🙂

  13. 2Бляхухоль:

    Ошибка Гитлера в том что он вообще позволил втянуть Германию в войну.Британцы сначала скормили Гитлеру Рейн, Австрию, Судеты, Чехию, а потом отказались отдавать никому не нужный(кроме поляков, но их никто и не спрашивал) Данциг.А шансов победить в войне против всего мира у Германии уже не было.

    Что касается Джугашвили то все может быть.Хотя версию про двойников я в первый раз слышу.А страной скорее всего управляли британцы. 🙂

  14. 2greensnake: Очень рекомендую почитать книгу “Сионские протоколы”. Ее можно найти в интернете. Она была написана задолго до Второй Мировой Войны. Но там можно найти очень интересные параллели с тем, что происходило в те годы, и с тем, что происходит сейчас во всем мире. Такое впечатление, что все происходит именно по этому сценарию.
    А вообще я думаю пора кончать флейм 🙂 ибо каждый из нас останется при своем мнении и ничего мы здесь не решим 🙂
    вот одна из ссылок:

    • i know this is a bit late but the Zionist protocols are a proven fake. i know wkipedia isn’t all that but read this


    Seriously, just cause it’s from another country doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it. I hate how people will go out of their way to insult others country of origin JUST BECAUSE IT’S FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY. Hey, guess what, America isn’t the center of the universe, deal with it.

    (I live in NY by the way)

    I hate American patriotism. No, not the type that salutes the flag and such, that’s all fine and okay, I mean the type that put’s his/her country over others.

    • @Shakezoola: That is the patriotism of most countries. If you think only the US has pigheaded people who think their world is the only world you have no travelled. You tend to see it in big powerful countries either world- or regional-powers. You see it in many Chinese, Russian, Americans, etc.

      If you think is nothing but a site to put US over the world, you haven’t read it too long. There are many hillarious and interesting things here, an they’re real. Saying Russia has a problem with vodka isn’t American nationalism, it’s true- just like saying Americans have a problem with being obese. Sometimes, the truth hurts, and all countries could improve.

  16. The people are free. It is just the fact that democracy is not something that had been traditionally associtated with the russian way of life. Just as the westernenrs are used to their democratic madness, the russians are used to their forms of what some very clever BBC people like to call “mananged democracy”. Bear in mind that most things which shock the westerners, we, the Russians, do not really bother about. Oh, and by the way did you know that democracy is a form of a utopic society – just as communism was? Democracy will never work

  17. 2Бляхухоль:
    Ох, и тут мировой заговор хоббитов(между прочим у нас их 0,16% всего).Они, из-за своей малочисленности даже не заслуживают упоминания, а такие как вы раздули из них хрен знает чего.
    И вообще столько бреда я ниасилю 🙂

    You’re wrong.We, russians, want democracy!If Putin’s gang not give it to us, we shall take it with force and execute Putin with his chechen allies.Remember Kondopoga 😉

  18. That is soooo f-in cool! How awesome would it be if someone actually rendered these and made a tour of the “dream city of Moscow”-film?

  19. @Бляхухоль:
    So, because countries like China and Nigeria are backward and racist, you think it is a good idea to emulate them? They are the model and the rationalization for you to do the same?

    And for the “red/black/yellow/blue/orange/etc” people having more rights in ex-Soviet lands? What, are you a member of some “Fatherland Front,” chanting “Ukraine for the Ukranians” or something like that? It is funny how so called nationalist racialists are the ones who cry like babies, who think they are the persecuted minority… Just like modern neo-Nazis/WN/WP in the US or the NF/BMP in the UK. Wah-wah-wah… Well, if you are so superior, your blood is so powerful, why do you whine like babies rather than working for a living?

  20. No joke. “managed democracy” sounds like Mao’s “new democracy.” Both are code-words for a dictatorship- of an individual, of a clique, of a party, of a faction. They’re all just as bad as the dictatorship of the rich in the US.

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