Many Other Ways to Use Vodka

If all the people in Russia someday would stop drinking, there would be abundant supplies of vodka left over. What can be done with it? Here are a few everyday life tips for your vodka in case you stopped drinking but a strategic reserve of your vodka is still left in your cellar.

1. If you soak a plaster or a bandage with vodka you can remove it from your body smoothly and painlessly.
2. You can clean your faucets with vodka. Just splash some vodka on a faucet covered with some stain and after a few minutes you can wipe it with a dry cloth – the stain will be gone.
3. You can clean your spectacle or sun-glass lenses with vodka.
4. After you have shaved, put your razor in a glass of vodka. The blades will be preserved and they will also be disinfected.
5. If you can’t unscrew a rusty bolt spray some vodka on it, wait a few seconds and there we go.
6. Soak a tissue paper in vodka and then clean your face with it, it’s a superior cosmetics remover.
7. If you pour a cap of vodka into your favorite shampoo it will become more effective, it will clean your hair better and will stimulate hair growth.
8. If you spray vodka across the place where insects live, they would die and never return.
9. If your back or neck aches you can soak a scarf with vodka and tie it across your back or neck and the pain would be gone in a few minutes.
10. If your feet stink, you can rub them with vodka, the smell will disappear.
11. If you have been bitten by a jelly-fish use a vodka soaked plaster, it helps.
12. If you experience a tooth ache and don’t want to visit a dentist right now, just put a small plug soaked with vodka between the cheek and the tooth and you’ll be saved.

These tips seem to be real, and can be probably used in everyday life, but what should happen to people so that they could stop just drinking and start using it other way? I don’t know, really.

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