Fake Mineral Water

I knew that there happen to be some factories in countries like India or China which make fake soft drinks, I knew that there are in Russia such factories also, I knew that they ship their ready made production to shops and sell like legit one, but what was a surprise for me is when a lady makes fake mineral water (puts on labels) right in the middle of the big shopping mall in Ukraine (former USSR). Take a look:

8 thoughts on “Fake Mineral Water”

  1. In East Africa, ‘mineral’ water is actually contaminated water. The source can not be taps because they are rusty and dry for 365 days in a year.

    Mineral water is truely mineral in that it contains “minerals ” from sewages and dams like Nairobi Dam in Kibera slums.

    I have no regrets to reveal the naked truth.

  2. I think it’s common knowledge now that bottled water often comes from the same city source as regular drinking tap water the difference being that the large bottlers put it through filtration and purifying systems. So it’s still a big rip off but it’s cleaner and safer then this.

  3. I remember a Coca Cola company in Estonia botled usual tap water on the name of mineral water… Now they have stopped after the story came out.

  4. thats scary. That lady probably made lots of people sick. Are there any brands that are harder to fake than others?


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