Daily photos from Russian cities 3: Street Racing

Just another portion of photos from Russian streets.

 Let’s start with some Russian street racing photos:

russian street racing

This is Lada 21099 with some heavy heavy tuning. It’s so heavy that it can probably barely move.

street racing team moskvich

And this is Street Racing Team “Moskvich” , those cars Moskvich were named after Moscow. This team introduces a wooden style. The tuning is not so heavy, for sure wood is much light in weight than steel.

russian road police rides tractors

Street racing contests are illegal usually so here comes the police. Road police sometimes rides tractors, though it’s probably enough to chase the wooden team.

satisfaction guranteed

The spectators, to satisfy them just hit ok, hit it hard.


Probably the wooden team fans.

street racing fans

And now Lada fans.

tractor on the moscow street

And here comes a road police fan.

After show is over fans return home:

Daily photos from Russian cities 3: Street Racing

Using rickshas


Navigated by GPS

Home, sweet home baby!

russian girls

Those girls weren’t visiting, were to excited with this activities.

Who won? I don’t know, probably it was a draw.

26 thoughts on “Daily photos from Russian cities 3: Street Racing”

  1. Well. in ru-net we says afftor videy yadu!* kg/am!** Travel to Bobruysk*** and hit you head hard in the wall =)

    *Author – drink some poison
    ** Kg/am – Art is suck, author is … hmm… there is no analogy in english =)
    *** Bobruysk is half-mithical city that filled with animals =)

    Seriously, where you take those photos? I live in Russia and unable to see thing like that many years =) Probably you was in some parralel world Russia? Or try wery hard to find this things =)


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  4. Hey, they’re are just a joke-cars, nothing more. I don’t think it is real, to see the cars like that on the streets. So I live in Russia for all my life and didn’t see something like that.

  5. You will never understand Russia and this peculiar humor! Americans, most of you can lie on the sofa and watch TV. You can’t undrestand these people.

  6. This site confirms every stereotype I ever held about Russia. That is not to say that I don’t believe that things are actually like this, though.

  7. Im from Russia. I want say:

    1)Lada and Moskvich-made in Russia! Moskvich-best Russian car!
    2) All russians are “Pimp my ride” (tuning)

    Агромный риспэкт Mihailу!!!!
    Англичашки,пейте яд бочками!

  8. Не ну пацаны, сначала давайте все выучим английский, а уж потом будем пальцы гнуть, а то по ихнему вы выражаетесь “моя звать Иван, моя крутить большуший чайник” мы же не бабуины какие-нибудь. Если пишите по-ихнему, так и пишите правильно, так сказать, грамотно и литературно посылайте на XYZ

  9. OMG! I’m just wondering, WHY people laugh at that pictures!?!?!?!?! There’s nothing to laugh at, trust me! And who made every ironic comment to all of them, huh? Who was that smart? Who has a right to critisize and tease another country and its people, while the same thing is going on in the USA? You just don’t know about it, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist!
    TO ALL AMERICANS HERE: please learn abput your own country at first before laughing at poor people in another country that your favourite George Bush doesn’t like!!!

  10. Телки курят гарик, это к гонкам не имеет ни какого отношения, они просто курят, отъебитесь от них, они не сделали никому нечего плохого, они просто курят ;)~~~

  11. You guys are being too sensitve. We have funny pictures of car in America too. These pictures don’t make fun of Russia. Everybody knows this is not what regular people drive. If I had your email I’d send you some from America. They are just as funny and it doesn’t mean everyone drives cars like that. I didn’t post the pictures but I think they are funny and love to see pictures like this, including in America. I live in California and I took a picture of a car with a flashlight taped to the front instead of a headlight. It was very funny. I have never seem another car like it. It doesn’t mean all the cars look the same.


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