Maths Class in Russian College

A funny video, taken in a Russian university during a maths class. A guy starts to act crazy, the professor lady stands stunned, can’t say anything, other students are amazed.

This reminded me on a bright Russian mathematician, Gregory Perelman, and his also not so common behavior, and I wondered if he was also making such performances while studying maths?

7 thoughts on “Maths Class in Russian College”

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m cryin again!
    This guy screaming out something like “fu#k!”
    Definitly, he gonna have something to emember in the RFArmy… lol

  2. Да ладно, никакой он не псих! Просто парень посмеятся решил и немного увлёкся. Меня лично порадовало.Супер! Поучится бы мне с таким парнем…

  3. Guys like that help make the day interesting. He only acted out what many of us have thought of doing at one time or another in our life. I just wonder if he was actually enrolled in the class, and if he ever came back.


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