Christians Tore Madonna Apart

There is a very funny sect of extreme Christians in Russia. They look really cool. They became popular for breaking up a Moscow gay parade this year, together with some radical Orthodox Christian priests.   At that time gay parade was canceled. That included a public speech of Moscow mayor who said something like “Moscow and Russia are not that liberal to allow this to happen”. You can imagine how far Moscow and Russia are liberal after that.

Now, from their point of view, which doesn’t differ from a point of a Russian Orthodox Church officials, Madonna shouldn’t have a concert in September, 2006 in Moscow. She simply doesn’t have any right for that, because from their point of view she is totally evil pop star.

russian extreme christians

They wear black cloths which is a wild mix of German Nazi military cloths with some Russian military elements and a lot of Christian symbolics and items.

russian extreme christians

At this time they also carried a lot of big portraits of Madonna, expressing a true hatred to her. After I looked to the guy to the right, I thought that he is probably trying to make the same face as Madonna has on the face, probably that is some way of Extreme Magic, self authentication with the object of hatred with a further applying some other methods for himself thus making this methods come to the object’s life.
russian extreme christians

After those efforts his symmetry line somehow moved to the left.
russian extreme christians


russian extreme christians

Getting no visible results from Orthodox magic they started the main part of the show, the portrait destruction. They didn’t burn the posters like some guys from Middle East do with posters of USA or Israel leaders, they tear them by hand. Probably they worship fire and consider Madonna to be an inappropriate sacrifice.
russian extreme christians

The younger members of the sect probably are not yet worth of wearing full uniform, only haircuts and a flag point to their affiliation with the gang.
russian extreme christians

After the main part of the ceremony was finished, they decided to make a short press conference,
What I like most is that fir con with a skull inside, at the top of the stake the “left-symmetry” guy is holding.

russian extreme christians

…and a short blessings were grated to all who were interested.
russian extreme christians

This policeman was also interested probably.
russian extreme christians

Later that evening they celebrated a new event. This guy in the middle far less Christian than some kind of neo Nazi, what a strange union they are.
As it was mentioned above, also official Russian Church doesn’t want Madonna to come, and due to this it has been seed that President Putin had to refuse his daughter to have a family dinner with Madonna that was planned, because he can’t go against the church.

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  1. I was raised Russian Orthodox here in America, but it disturbs me that the Orthodox Church in Russia is so conservative– they are not so conservative here; to my knowledge they have no official position on homosexuality. But then I have been out of the church for several years now (even as a child it all seemed like superstition, the rituals, fasting, prayers in Old Slavonic which I could not understand, etc.)

    People who join these groups have an ego problem– this is how they make themselves feel superior.

  2. I am so sorry to read this article. I guess it just goes to show that every country has a portion of religious zealots who think they can tell the rest of us how to live. Unfortunately for us here in the US, they’ve infiltrated our very government.
    November elections can’t come soon enough for the freedom loving people of America. A serious wrong need to be corrected, here and wherever these bigots reside.
    Rock on

  3. Gotta love how they’re targetting Madonna (don’t get me wrong I hate her too, but for totally different reasons) instead of the dozens of pop stars the Russia is producing. This group must be having a field day with all the new found “vices” that Russia is enjoying as of late. They’re no better than neo-nazi’s or other purists, they just have a fancy cross and Jesus on their side, who apparantely hates homosexuals and Madonna.

    • What is wrong with you don’t you know what this is about, this woman is perverting the name of the lady of Grace Ave Maria are you dumb? no do quite the oppersite, you don’t gotta love this woman is sick.

      • You got a good point here, “Madonna” in Italian language means Mother of Christ.

        So as a kid I always said, she is the wrong madonna, the counterpart.
        Anyhow “lady gaga” Germanotta= real name took her place now and she is way more evil than the old bit softer madonna artist
        Lady gaga makes youth oversexed pervert and addicted to smoking drugs; such things madonna artist never promoted
        anyhow evil puppets from the media made in USA dumped as garbage to ruin our societies
        God bless the Christians!

    • Do you know you are a sick induvidual the problem with the world today are are people like you, kids don’t get a chance to find moral practice’ do you have any idea how immoral you sound, (your comment) it’s that sort of sick inner thought spurred on by democracy’s everythingism that has led people like you to need to be cleansed, you are no more than a pervert, your seed should be wiped off the face of the earth.

      If I ever see you when I a waving a Christian banner consider you self retired as a none entity.


  4. In my humble opinion, Madonna is an example of marketing over talent. In regards to the amount of talent the woman has, it is mediocre. However the marketing behind her has been a textbook case of efficiency and effectiveness. Now even that marketing has declined so the only thing left for Madonna to garner attention is to go for “shock value.” In this case she feels necessary to insult Christianity with mock crucifixions onstage during her concerts. Apparently she no longer can shock with simulated sex onstage as she has done in the past so she now has to go after religious values. Even her imitators like Brittney Spears, etc. try the same tactics and fail. Personally, Madonna got old for me after her “Like A Virgin” phase and now is a pitiful excuse for an entertainer. Judging from concert revenue figures released, it is no wonder she relies on European and Asian tours so much nowadays since she can no longer profit as much from a North American tour as she once did.

    That group of extremists demanding she not appear are just another small fringe element that exists worldwide. It happens.

  5. I seem they are just some kind of skinheads. Imperialistic symbolics, ancient russian inscriptions…. Those guys, obviously have been missing Russian Impire times, and now they are plaing Heroes of Might and Magic or something of this kind ))) Maby even UFO … lol

  6. I think they need to agree on a common hairstyle for all of them– long beards, or no beards and shaved heads. Seems they can’t decide between the neo-nazi shaved-head style, or the pre-Peter-the-great long beard style. I guess the long-beard-style is supposed to represent traditional Russia, the glory of the old days.

    Why do fascists always wear black, and have skulls on their logos?

  7. That bearded old guy on the top picture, wears a serbian national amblem (the two-headed eagle) attached to his left shoulder. How did that get there?

    • Two headed eagle Serbia took from Byzantine.Russia does same thing.Both are Orthodox countries with Slavonic roots.They respect eachother like brothers nations.I saw two headed eagle symbol in Greek orthodox church.

  8. @Karlo:

    A two-headed eagle is not merely a serbian national symbol. In fact, it is quite common in international heraldry. It stands for both worldly power and religious power (one body, two heads).

    The double-headed eagle has been adopted by the Russian Czars as well as by many others who are influenced by the Byzantinte Empire (in which the Orthodox Charch was state religion). However, you can find the symbol in many other heralds as well, i.e. the Austro-Hungarian empire and the german Holy Roman Empire.

    Read more about it here:

    • Two headed eagle is in itself not a Serbian national symbol, but this guy is wearing a badge with four C (S) letters arranged in the middle, which is makes it the Serbian symbol.


      Choreography of these guys is strikingly similar to the Serbian Chetnik movement (a WWII era nationalist faction that was revived during Balkan wars of 1990s, particularly in Bosnia). Not sure who’s copying who here.

    • Two headed eagle with crown and cross on chest, four alphabet “C” cirilic “S” turned each other between tines of cross is Serbian symbol.The same on bearded guy shoulder.

  9. Apparently Madonna causes quite some reaction in Russia – how can just one woman stir so much emotions…?!

  10. LOL

    Wheh… you didn’t cath the idea from long distance.
    That group of clowns also baycoting film “Da’Vinchi code”
    But theys are some like PR action by our secret media-specialists. It’s a “mem” used for attention attrection. they have reach even you, foreign readers =)))

  11. @ Karlo & Braad Spitt:
    Two-headed eagle on mans chest is really serbian symbol, and 4 letters ˝S˝ (˝C˝ in cyrillic) stands for Samo Sloga Srbe Spasava (Only Unity Saves the Serbs). I think he wears it because of ˝historic˝ ralations between Serbs and Russians.

  12. People! It only actors employed by the government. Even the militiaman simply looks at this hooligan performance. If meeting would be spontaneous militia for a long time has caused омон (S.W.A.T.)

  13. I can tell you, that those guys are not russians: look at the picture with two guys holding the flag- there is a Nescafe ad on the wall of the building. I can’t see the phrase exactly, but is it something about “taste” and “date/meeting”. The connecting particle “and” is written as “i”, which a Latin letter, the russian equivalent of that is Cyrilic, which looks differently. So those guys are probably Serbian, or Bolgarian (they also use Cyrilic althabet)

    • Also word Volvo is written on the wall of building behind them.With Latin alphabets.Volvo is Swedish,maybe those people are too.You dumbass.

  14. These guys are great its nice to see Russia expanding at correct direction ! Unlike others, for example America nothing but a big garbage pile that works on your last nervs. always was always will be

  15. Hey Nikola, are you a serb? If you are…PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR HEAD SAWED OFF! If you’re croat, lets go KILL some serbs!

  16. These guys are russians, they are not serbs , because they wear russian orthodox crosses. They don’t wear nazi symbols, all symbols are russian or serbian. The death head, in german ” Totenkopf ” was use by nazi, but before nazi by some tzarist units during the civil war in Russia, it is a symbol of immortality.
    So before saying “nazi” read some history books and learn about symbols.

  17. These guys are definitely Serbian Chetniks, they wear the serbian coat of arms, the chetnik coat of arms, and the skull which was used by chetnicks before the SS… Also it is not in russia due to all the roman characters in the background… etcetera…

    • Their leader, Leonid Simonovich-Niksic, is part-Serbian. However, Russian and Serbian radical Orthodox Christians generally have similar symbols. On top of that, they are interested in the Kosovo predicament.

  18. The bearded gentlemen in the picture are the leaders of a Christian Nationalist party called the “Union Of Orthodox Banner Bearers”, and their uniforms have nothing to do with neo-nazism, in fact the insigna they are wearing is meant to resemble Russian and Serbian Imperial Medals (since the leader of the party, the one with the long white beard, has Serbian roots). The comments concerning “orthodox magic” and fire worship are dumb to say the least, the reason these people opposed Madonna is because of her performances in which she sometimes sang from a crucifix.
    Oh yeah, last but not least, these people are NOT Neo-Nazis, they celebrate Victory day (9th of may).

  19. its serbian sign CCCC


    it means serbs protect each other serbs. every single serbian must look after another serbian.

    its not that much russian i guesss 🙂

  20. So much inconviniences about symbols and nation of these people… Well, at the first glance, old gentleman from 1st pic, 3rd from left really look serbian, wearing serbian national hat (called “shaykacha”) and 2 headed eagle with four S shield on it, but I think that is for honouring and support for serbian people which had rough time these days, and still have (/bow to old man). So, he is Russian for sure.
    For the rest of symbolic, believe or not, it is christian, not nazy, gothic, dark, or any other nonsence. Black colour represent sorrow for death of Jesus Christ (robes of christian priests are black for same reason), and skull represents head of Adam, first man (not 100% sure about that, but skull is commonly placed at the bottom of crucifixes so I am sure that is christian symbol).
    About malevolent comments of croatian readers, there is one national proverb: “who won’t take brother as a brother, he will take foreigner as a master”.

  21. For thousands or years the Christian Church has been established on the earth, who is this child like woman to cast insult on the blessed Mary most pure, it is a sign of utmost disrespect to all of Chistendom. it is too an isult to our blessed mary most pure, people have no sence at all she should be exiled from all modern life. I smply cannot find words to match her twisted sick mind, any man good christian man would be just in whatever action.

    Marshall Inquisitor
    Sangre De Martir

  22. Madonna and other pop culture figures in the music and film industry are part of the reason American society has gotten worse. I have seen it firsthand since the 70’s. The music is enjoyable. Next thing you know you become like them. They all take drugs and they are not practicing Christians following the 10 Commandments. Madonna herself said in the 90’s she wanted to “shock” mid-America which is known for Christian values. If you want her in Russia you can have her. When I was young in the 70’s I knew the new rock music and immorality was wrong. Then after joining the U.S Marine Corps I began to enjoy the music when I heard it. I became a different person. I noticed how all people changed when hearing it. I knew a man who was a Green Beret soldier in Vietnam. When he came back he became an accountant in California. He helped all the major movie stars and rock stars. He knew them all. He later became a millionaire. One actress got him hooked on cocaine. He had fun for many years. His addiction eventually made him homeless. His friends betrayed him. He later became a Catholic priest. He now tells of his life stories and about Hollywood and the music industry. He says he saw some used black magic to curse the cocaine and the music. He was a witness to these dark rituals that addicted and lead people into darkness. His name is Fr. Corapi.
    Fr. Corapi’s Conversion Story – Condensed Version

  23. the old man’s hat and coat of arms on the left chest, and maybe that one on the hat too, is 100% serbian. but they are not serbs, they are russians.

  24. You should know that when Clinton “William-the-Innocent” launched his “Wag-the-Serb” war in the 90s, many of us here were appalled. It is one thing to care about the noncombatant casualties in “Former-Yugoslavia,” but this was not our affair to pick a side and start bombing.

    Sadly, the party of Bill Clinton owns most of the “main-stream” media in the U.S.A. On paper the networks and the entertainment media are all made of private-sector corporations, but they make up the propaganda organ of the U.S. “Democratic” party. The only exceptions are FoxNews and *some* talk-radio broadcasts. So, those of us opposed to Willie’s Wag-the-Serb War were marginalized as Party-members whose messiah Clinton was were “multiplied” in the Media. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Speaking of history, I notice an aging floozy who re-named herself “Madonna” seems to rub a lot of you the wrong way. She, too, is a creature of our “main-stream” media (MSM). She may have “…an extraordinary talent for self-promotion” on her own. But, without our “MSM” to embrace her as a thumb-in-the-eye to the “Vast, Conservative, Christian Conspiracy,” she would be a footnote in entertainment history. She is indeed *A* face of our MSM, but she’s no more a face of the U.S.A. than Joe Stalin (or Jakov Smirnoff) is the face of Russia. Best regards.

  25. I am a Muslim from a moderate secular nation- Indonesia- we have 5 state protected religions- including Catholicism.
    I also agree Madonna is a Jewish weapon of unspeakable evil and filth on the purity of the Christian Church, and as a Muslim I fully support these men to expose the filth pop culture and Satan worship of the Jewry attempt to be popular called Kabbala.
    How disgraceful an Italian Catholic be allowed to become like a Jew and name herself the most pure of all that is holy aside from God and Iesu Xristus of course (we call him Esa).
    235 million Indonesians also support the Crusade-Jihad against the Jewish infested US mass culture industry: (homosexuality, music promoting this sort of stuff and promiscuity, drugs etc.)
    The base depravity of the Jew can only be expressed as personified by Marylin Manson.

  26. Jasmine Fields how dare you put the name and word Christian after the name Jew, reading full and well that 87% of people on this site agree that Madonna is a Satanic tool used by popularization of a cabbalistic source.
    As a Muslim you should well be aware that Catholics only identify them selves as Christian in perpetuation practice and origin of doctrine and are not acceptable to the word Jew in second place or any at all, as a fundamental teaching you should know that any persons may covert to the Roman Catholic faith where by the Jew has to be born as a jew which will grant her/him the right to enter into their so called false teaching of what they term as Zion so by their very own admittance all persons must be born a jew to be as good as a jew other wise you are a gentile which lends self typified and personalized to Jewish teaching as not as good their fundamental elitism and undeniable fact. The Catholic being of Christian doctrine however offers through Christ that all men may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, you a Muslim should understand the principal of conversion being of Islam

  27. the pope is catholic, Jesus was Jesus the Christ
    so we all ahve to be Christians wherever we come from so we all can be bro’s

  28. I know it’s old, but these guys have nothing to do with Serbia. The bearded guy has a slogan on his chest in pre-1917 Russian (NOT Serbian) saying За въру, Царя и Отечество – For the Faith, the Tsar, and the Fatherland – this was the main slogan of Russia until 1917. Besides, Serbs never had a Tsar, they had a King.

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