Working Students or Studying Workers?

The 1st of September is a holiday for students. The day when they make one more step to their professional top by studying. And by working for some of them.
All the time students were considered as the poorest social group. But years go by and now we can see more and more working students that sometimes seem to be studying workers.

In St.-Petersburg there are a lot of ways to earn and places to work. Let’s see the most acceptable for students.

  1. HoReCa

McDonald’s, Tchainaya Lozhka, Coffee-House, Idealnaya Chashka and others of that ilk offer flexible executive schedule for students – “work when you have free time”. These companies pay about $2 per hour and monthly income depends on how many hours you work. Also workers get free lunches.

  1. Promoters

This work is especially for girls, but boys are also required. Students usually work for several advertising agency which offer different promo-events. They pay about $3 per hour, so average monthly income is $140-150.

  1. Shops

If students have more time to work they work as shop-assistants – in clothing, music, computer stores and other of that ilk. Here they work on shifts and salary is something like $250-300.

Of course there are much more places where to earn and students choose one or another depending on their priorities what they decide – to work studying or to study working. Some students are ready to work even in nights just to earn as much as possible, others work for free almost just to get experience for future qualification.  

4 thoughts on “Working Students or Studying Workers?”

  1. Well, yep. Also note more and more people are able to find a job requiring more skills, e.g. they can work as programmers or assistants.
    Anyways education in Russia is a very special case, as it’s honorable to skip classes at school and university (otherwise you’re called geek =) ). Quite a lot of people’s jobs are not concerned with their education (e.g. engineer selling underpants or working as quards, some doctors are used as designers or IT ppl – no kidding), though things seem to be changing slowly.

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