Russian Urine Is Being Imported by USA Citizens

This website come to my attention recently due to the strange production it is offering. The first thing that you can see on the site is a massive slogan “Russian Urine Against Doctor’s Scalpel”, in Russian this sounds rhymed.

So what does sell the site with such a slogan? It sells urine, it exports Russian urine mainly to the USA, who can’t for some reason pay a visit to their clinic by person, can order their “unique” products online.

They claim that they discovered some healing power in Russian urine, and that their discoveries were backed by hundreds of years of traditionalists using the urine for healing purposes. They say that urine comes from the most important part of a human, from the “life giving part of the human body”.

There are a few types of the product that are being sold on this website.
Their names are astonishing: “The Sea Breeze”, “Hunter’s brew”, “Not Filtered, Original”, they differ in taste and in pharmacological characteristics.

Also they sell a big bottles for gathering the urine, made of special plastics that automatically makes the urine gathered in the bottle ready to use, and some more sophisticated apparatus called “The Separator”, for brewing special sorts of urine at home from your own raw source. They say that device was awarded at UNESCO contest of innovations, and was developed by Russian Sechenov Institute.

There is also an appeal for the donors who can submit their urine material for their institure as a source for the end products. They say all the donors are being tested heavily and interviewed.

You want my opinion? That’s disgusting.

The original “Russian Urine Production” website
The translated version, by automatic web translator.
And here is a big article from Nexus magazine on the subject

8 thoughts on “Russian Urine Is Being Imported by USA Citizens”

    • Has nothing to do with cleaning, the urine is swished around the mouth and swallowed in a holistic approach to fixing the signs of aging

      Usually involves acupuncture and a facial made from baby poo

      Don’t ask how I know

  1. Hello!

    This site is fake, there is no doubt.

    But there are still many people in Russia who use urine for medical purposes (drink or make enemas). It’s kind of alternative medicine… or maybe sect:)

    So this joke points to these fanatics who are ready to drink their urine to stay healthy. They do realy believe in that..

  2. Hallo, its true that the urine has healng powers. There is a ancient Shivambhu scripture from India. Which explains the vast details about conditions of collecting and consuming of the self urine.

    No it is not just the Russian urine. Any person in the world, has his own urine designed for himself to auto cure.

    can cure any disease, and stay healthy.


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