Japan Cars, Serve Chilled

Have you ever owned a Japan car? I had a few, and after seeing at those pictures I wonder if my car also looked like this when it was travelling across the ocean to the dealer.

These are actual photos of Japan cars arriving from their travel from Japan to a port of delievery.

The reason is that winters in Japan is that when a ship leaves a port in Japan in winter the temperatures are pretty low, and together with the wind and plenty of waves, especially during storms, cars that are on the upper decks of the ships carrying them are being turned in something like this.

frozen japan cars

frozen japan cars

Probably if customers knew about such a condition of their cars while on their way to a dealer they might refuse on buying such a car, after all nobody wants to buy a car after a flood for example.

frozen japan cars


They look amazing on photo, and the most how do they manage to take all this ice without damaging the paint? They probably use the warm water, but I am not sure is it really safe for the paint. I’ve heard that people in Russia complain for the quality of paint on some new Japan cars, probably these are the cars that were transported during the winter and looked like those above.


8 thoughts on “Japan Cars, Serve Chilled”

  1. They only do this for russian customers because you guys don’t deserve anything better.

    I’ve only seen cars being transported via proper means to markets elsewhere.

    I feel sorry for you russian fellas. You aren’t worth anymore to the world

  2. These are used japanese cars bought by sailors to sell at nearby port. Used J-cars are good enough for Far East roads and cost just a fraction of initial price.

    New J-cars for Russia are made mainly at Europian plants and transported properly.

  3. These cars are not being shipped on the normal ships used by the auto exporters. They do not have this problem on the normal transport ships.

  4. In Japan, any car older than seven years needs to go through expensive review: every movable part will have to be checked by mechanic (just think of the engine…).
    Therefore is is more economical to buy a new car and to get rid of the old one. Clever merchants will then by these 7 yo cars at rock bottom prices and ship them to the rest of the world. Wladivostok is full of Japanese cars!

  5. I have a valued Russian epal, from Vladivostok. Been in touch for some time now, say 5/6 years, he’s a lovely guy, informed, educated and has great social skills.
    Whats all the angst about?
    As far as I am concerned, there are good and bad from all walks of life.
    Who gives a fig about J’ cars, it’s personal choice, I’d like to see some of the arses live over there,


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