One Politic and One Shrek

It has been known that Vasiliy Shandybin, a politic from Russia, heading new Communist party of modern Russia, is going to sue “DreamWorks” for being using his image while creating Shrek. It’s not clear yet what is the amount of his future suit.

For now he put a big Shrek photo in his office in Russian parlaiment (Duma) and shows it to every visitor, how the Imperialistic USA moviemakers from Hollywood abuse his right for privacy.

Communist Shandibin is going to sue Hollywood

shandibin demands to stop capitalism His supporters in Russia are indignant at the fact of their leader photo is being used in a famous cartoon. They admitt that such production forms a comic image of the famous politic among the youngsters.

“I demand to stop all the capitalistic offend going on worldwide” says Shandibin.

14 thoughts on “One Politic and One Shrek”

  1. First of all, is this an actual DreamWorks Production Photo? I would understand his position if it were actually true, but to me it looks like maybe one of his fellow countrymen might have noticed a resemblance and taken it upon himself to do some crafty Photoshop work. I’ve seen Shrek, thats not what he looks like. Nice try Comrade. Long Live Capitalsim, at least we know how to make an argument that has a little more ground to our way of life than how we are oppressed by disney.

  2. That image is not the actual image of Shrek. Shrek doesn’t look nearly as human. They changed Shrek’s face by copying the eyes and nose of Shandybin and placing them on the face of Shrek.

  3. this is what the un-photoshopped Shrek looks like:


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