Crazy Russian Monuments

Just a few crazy monuments from Russian streets.


What do you see here? Look at her smile, she likes what she sees too! Here is the next photo to understand what does it really mean:


Every mother is happy to see her kid. It’s all just a matter of perception. It’s just a common Soviet family.

masturbating monument

That is just a monument to some writer.

kirov monument in petrozavodsk

That’s a Communist leader Kirov, the monument is in Petrozavodsk city. He is not nude, he is pointing to something with his finger.

crazy musician monument

He is here to scare kids? No it’s just a monument for a musician.

12 thoughts on “Crazy Russian Monuments”

  1. By the way, the first 3 pictures of monument are from Novosibirsk city. And monument was changed some times ago. The hand is down for now 🙂

  2. there’s no russia… there’s no usa…. there’s no japan…. there’s no even “there’s no” ))))
    may be its mushrooms

  3. Yea Russians, lighten up! You guys are too serious! You gotta learn to have some fun and not take everything as life or death! Loosen up! If we in america see funny stuff, we make fun of it here just the same! Look at how serious all those militant types always look in photos, whether they are modern day terrorists, or they were past dictators, or Nazis! They all think way to much about themselves! They are all hung up on themselves like they are the only person in the world who knows anything, and everyone else is dumb. We all know different things and have our different gifts and weaknesses. That’s what makes the world interesting, or it would be so boring none of us could withstand the boredom. Human’s problem are their brains are too big! Maybe if we were a horse, or dog, then nothing would be funny, we could just satnd around like a dumb animals!

    Peace All!

  4. P.S. Most do not hate Russia, unless they are just screwing around trying to provoke an argument for entertainment, or making jokes about cold war days.

    Peace Out!


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