Music video of Kazakhstan

After watching this video it is more easy to understand what was the Soviet Union. Different nations were united under one flag and one goal – achieving of the world reign of communism. All those nations studied Russian in school as the main language, in fact all the lesssons were in Russian only. All the govermental system was the same everywhere, in European regions where people look and live like in Western countries and in distant Eastern and Southern regions where people are got used to live like in Afghanistan or Turkey. But this was all a one country with one people and one language and one capital – Moscow city.

This video shows how Western culture can penetrate some not Western by geolocation regions of Russia. Actually this is Kazakhstan already, but former it was a part of USSR, and in modern Russian Federation there are some other regions looking like this.

And by the way this video is 100% serious and was used for TV broadcasting across that region.

I hope you enjoyed the video

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  1. hey,
    i am from kazakhstan.
    dunno who told u that “this video is 100% serious and was used for TV broadcasting across that region”, but that “who” has made a cruel joke on u (whoever u are).
    this video makes fun of some sort of ppl we have in KZ. sort of ppl that became rich “too much too soon”.
    it would take to much time to explain everything, so i’m not gonna. just believe me.
    sorry for my not-so-perfect english

  2. yap, i think I’ll visit this site everyday now.
    “Stans” RULEZ!!!! Have seen on NG a road in kazakstan, with hundreds of marihunan bushes along it, and you know what no one toches it!!!!

  3. это не россия, придурки а казахстан! к россии не имеет никакого отношения!

    it is not russia!

  4. It’s a joke,and I think not very good,because most of the foreign people do believe it. Unfourtunately it’s not a piece of our culture.I’m from Kazakhstan,it’s ,I hope ,is A grotesque picture of into what our beautiful and loved by us music should not turn into.
    I hope music lovers will find better samples of our very rich,deep,touching overwelming music.
    best regards,

  5. oh, poor guy…:) I think you don’t speak any kazakh not even russian that’s why you don’t get it and Russia has nothing to do in that song…:)Its just a funny song to compramise some people in Kazakhstan.

    My advice learn kazakh language…:)

    Good luck,

  6. Here’s the problem. You guys are taking the very worst of American culture seriously. Rap music, and rap culture is an artifical, and violent development.

    It’s a very complicated evolution of American cowboy violence, radical politics, drug culture, Jazz, Blues, and post world war two urban Black race politics, and money.

    Okay it makes $$Billions$$ of Dollars. Hey even when we’re Crazy we know how to make Money.

    Rap musicians shoot each other for fun. It’s our Cowboy Culture with cocaine, and expensive cars. I have never understood why the rest of the world finds our violent ways so entertaining. I live with all this everyday. Although it’s interesting, and even fun,..,sometimes. It’s also very, very dangerous.

    That’s what people in other countries don’t understand. When we export our culture we take out the violence. You are getting the safe version. The real American version could kill you.

  7. oh this is a joke and does not reflect the real music of kazakhstan. dont believe everything u see and go look for some real kazakhstani music and not jokes from local comedians


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