Daily photos from Russian cities 2

russian construction, 10 people watchin 1 is working

I’d like to begin today’s daily photo series with such a photo with comments on it. Here you can see a typical situation happening during construction works in Russia  – one person is working and ten are watching, giving him casual advices. That’s can be seen very very often.

russian roads with UAZ

A few posts before there was already an image from Russian roads, this is another one. Also this car was mentioned on the previous daily photos post – it’s UAZ, developed in early 60-s and still being in production, believe me or not but this car is not stuck, it’s still moving – and that was her initial purpose – to be able move forward across vast Russia – whether there are roads or no roads at all.

russian girls or if to be exact, russian schoolgirls

Almost everybody knows that Russian girls are cute, and that’s really so, for 70 years in Russia there were no McDonalds or Burger King or any other “extra large fries and triple burger” places. Even Coca-Cola together with other soft drinks were banned, so there was enough time to form new genome. But what’s not cool now – Russia has been introduced to fast-food world, and the problem of obesity starts rising. That’s sad.

russian kids playing on exotic swings

The man who designed those swings must be some sort of mentaly and sexually unbalanced, people are usually putting their dreams and ideas in the things they design. Scary were his dreams.

russian military men are fond of drinking

Some party in Russian army. The interesting fact here is the quantity of the bottles of vodka standing on the table. I was able to count 56 bottles, standing on the visible part of the table. And proably that’s not the only table in the hall.

russian police in action 2

Hard to imagine their dialogue. Let it be just “no comment” picture from streets.

Some people say that no comment is better than comments. I don’t really no, sometimes it’s a fun to give a comment, and to explain what’s realy is on photos. Sometimes it’s only my point of view, often it’s my comic point of view.



25 thoughts on “Daily photos from Russian cities 2”

  1. the first one remindes me too much of my city and their people…I´m from Argentina, nice to know we are so similar to the “otherside”… 🙁

    • That photograph looks like my city as well, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 10 people standing around (or sitting) and one guy doing all the work. Which is why none of the projects are ever completed. Maybe this an international norm these days.

      • no where near black enough to get confused with Atlanta. If you ever see that many lighter shade folks working together in the ATL, hell will have frozen over.

        otherwords Atlanta, Ga has a LOT of black folks.. anyone want a few?

    • These guys (workers?) in the first photo are now in danger of losing their jobs. The Japanese have just invented a shovel that stands up by itself.

  2. Come to Australia and you’ll see exactly the same situation at on the 1st picture. Especially when you watch CityRail staff “working”.

  3. “quantity of the bottles of vodka”

    There is no such vodka bottle in Russia. These are mineral water bottles. Few bottles of local brandy and lots of water… pretty decent party. They’ll drink their vodka afterwards in private.

  4. This website is made to degrade russian people. That’s for sure. And where is the copyright of series of photos with police? Author of the photo is very famous and he probably sholud sew you.

  5. You should see cities in the US. Go north of Houston’s beltline, on eastern West Little York. It looks like a 3rd world war zone. There are bums and beggers at almost every major intersection and sleeping under the bridges. This is the 4th largest city in America.

  6. If you think Russia is all bad and you go out of your way to degrade her, it tells me you have never been anywhere else or if you have, have never bothered to see anything outside the tourist and rich areas.

    If you think Americans or Europeans will appreciate you for degrading Russia, you’re wrong. They’ll smile and pat you on your head like a good little monkey who wants to mimick them and only upholds their stereotypes of Russia.

  7. 20 years ago there was no “Baltika” beer being sold in Russia, there was no Baltike beer at all. It’s just black and white photo of modern Russia.

  8. I’m from Russia.
    I don’t know where you’ve taken this fotos…
    Something is right about our country but not more than 10%.

    And I think that you’ve never been to our country.
    Don’t try to degrade us in anyone eyes-you can’t do it.

  9. Many of these photos or situations could be in many different places in the world. In fact, many places have far worse things happening. It is a documentary of a very small cross section of Russian life, I am sure. Cameras seek out the strange and different, not the ordinary. Every country has abandoned buildings and marginal people. It is the sign of a great society to have tolerance towards it’s troubled and less fortunate. Would it not be worse to hide these things or pretent they do not exist? If attention is brought to these problems there will be more chance of a solution in the future.

  10. The same is in UK. When I was in the UK recently i observed situations and its identical. Simply + English people cannot work hard. They are too soft and only thinks about weekend.
    Thats why Poles, Slovakians and Czech people now are the best workers in UK. They can do twice or three times of work in the same time that UK guy barely can do one. My friend who owns a hotel i Lancashire told me that he do not want to employ English people, because they are too lazy…

    So … do not laugh at russia think about yourselves

  11. “I was able to count 56 bottles, standing on the visible part of the table. And proably that’s not the only table in the hall.” So what?

  12. Concerning a photo with schoolgirls. On a tape of the girl which sits it is written: “the Graduate 200 (last figure it is not visible). In the bottom of a photo the can of beer”Baltic”which in the USSR is visible was not issued.
    Simply in Russia such tradition: on leaving school to dress the old Soviet form.

    Sorry for english. I have use an internet translation.


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