Oldest Lady in the World

This is a passport photo of an old lady from South of Russia.

It seems now that she is older than an oldest living human on the world marked in Guinness book for 15 years, so she is going to claim the correction to be made in the book in order to recognize her fame.

According to her passport she was born 1875, so she is 131 years old now.

oldest lady in the world lives in south of russia

Probably if the Guinness commission won’t let her be the number one she would follow the method of getting the truth from her fellow old lady living in other Russian city.

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Strange Cat

A Russian photographer Dmitriy Konstantinov has made a photo of a very strange cat.

It’s not a computer animation or photoshop, it’s a real cat and a real girl.

He was preparing to make photos of this girl, model, but decided to make some photos of the cat first, and what he made astonished him.

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Another View on St.Petersburg

St. Petersburg has very strange history.

It was built in the middle of the swamp by Russian emperor Peter the First. He hired the best European architects to build him a city from Europe, but in the middle of the swamp.

Many Russian writers wrote their most dark novels about St. Petersburg. The dark atmosphere can often be felt in the city, especially in the winter.

This dark atmosphere together with European architecture and swamps beneath create an enjoyable mixture on those photos.

st. petersburg, russia

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