Bad, bad roads

There is a saying made by a Russian  writer Nikolay Gogol “In Russia there are two big problems: bad roads and a lot of fools”. He said this almost 200 years ago, but if he said this today he would hit the point again.

Just have a look on the picture below.

bad russian roads

 Of course, there are better roads in big cities like Moscow city or St. Petersburg, but in common across the Russia roads are really bad.

18 thoughts on “Bad, bad roads”

  1. Russians are A SHIP OF FOOLS. 65 million killed by Stalin and other paranoid, psycho leaders!! what? u people asked for it and you got it…. crazy….

    the same can be said on a lesse scale to Chinese and Germans etc… psychos

  2. and the Americans voted in Bush who sends thousands of US and Coalition troops off to die. The Brits go with them and so do loads of others. I think you’ll find we’re all psychos, Joe.

    How on did that pond come about in the first place?

  3. to joe: “other paranoid, psycho leaders”? name one.

    to the author: 1.самокритикой занимаются в узком кругу. 2.если умных комментариев в голову не приходит, фото вывешивают без комментариев. 3.если переводить цитаты из Гоголя, то без отсебятины.

  4. Hm… Crazy things are happens all over the world. And as for US, there is one greatest problem I know… One fool and we all know him well.

    Joe, you better grow up…

  5. This picture has been on the internet for a while now. To those who shout out “photoshop” to any strange picture, this really happened a few years back when a huge waterpipe bursted creating muddy pool for those unfortunate Daewoos.

  6. It’s not a Photoshop, it’s really took place in my city (Samara). This photo and others with the same accident were published in local press about five years ago. Water pipe was broken under this garages.


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