Photos made in Moscow subway

If you ever think about travel to Russia and visit Moscow, you might like visit Moscow subway. It’s definetely worth looking. First of all architecture of Moscow subway is astonishing, I think I’ll make a separate post about architecture of Moscow subway, because each stop, each station is so nice. During Soviet era amounts worth of millions dollars were invested in the construction of Moscow subway.

Each station is like museum, with huge patchworks occupying some walls, high ceilings and antique type chandeliers. And in those magnificent interriors nowadays you can meet people that look like really weird.

You can meet Comrade Stalin for example, sitting on the common passenger seat of Moscow subway.

You can meet Comrade Stalin for example, sitting on the common passenger seat of Moscow subway.

commandos also take ride on moscow city subway

Some commando riding a Moscow city subway.

Photos made in Moscow subway

The woman sitting next to him isn’t much interested in what’s happening.

russian balalaika in moscow city subway

Have you ever seen such a huge balalaika? And the balalaika owner seems to be quitely sleeping, not caring his musical instrument to be stolen. Who would need such a thing?

scout girl in russian moscow city subway

Person who sent in this photo said that this scout girl was in her late thirties..

This might be a proof of quantum, or even not quantum teleportation. From Chicago, early 20s to Moscow city subway late 2006

This might be a proof of quantum, or even not quantum teleportation. From Chicago, early 20s to Moscow city subway late 2006.

There is a separate subject in every subway train and stop, the drunk people. There is a lot of jokes about Russian people who drink a lot of alcohol, especially vodka. Well, that is really so. Not everyone but there are really a lot of people who drink, and sometimes drink a lot.

And sometimes they drink too much to continue their trip to home, or just their life trip, and they land in subway, which accepts those strangers with warm station buildings and speedlight trains. Let’s see some of the occasions of such hospitality:

Photos made in Moscow subway

People around those two guys are not interested in them, it’s a common thing.

too much russian vodka in moscow city subway

The young lady more ebmarassed by the fact she would be now on somebody’s digital photo print than by the fact that a guy is sleeping next to her.

another vodka occasion in moscow city subway

They don’t spend a lot of time creating some new sleeping poses, just lay down and sleep. Probably that’s why they don’t attract people’s attention – there is no creative approach in their actions. Though this guy took of his boots before putting his legs on the seat, at least he is polite, he cares not to spoil the seat.

another pair in moscow city subway

Here is the example of mutual cooperation. It’s much more convinient to use one’s friend’s body as a pillow than to law down on a bare leathercloth seat.

three guys sleeping in moscow city subway

Here we can see a perfect example of the teamplay (or teamsleep?).

dogs and a drunk sleeping man in moscow city subway

He could not achieve a teamplay from dogs, so he had no other thing to do to lay down without a body-pillow.

man sleeping in subway station, moscow city

And now en example of really creative approach.

man laying against the entrance to the moscow city subway

A rule of peaceful sleep in Moscow city subway – don’t lay down near the entrance, or you might be violently trampled down by a crowd.

crown or even a traffic jam in moscow city subway

By a crowd like this for example. That’s a real traffic jump inside of Moscow city subway. And just imagine this is all happening deeply underneath the Earth surface. People with claustrophobia is better to avoid such places, isn’t it?

But somebody should keep an order in those places? Where is all the policemen in Moscow city subway? Look at some:

Photos made in Moscow subway

He probably broke a rule of not lying near the exit doors. “Officer is touched! Anyone???”. No, nobody seems be caring that a police officer is violently beaten. Just think about it.

russian police in moscow city subway

This is what we call “unrivalled power of argument and eloquence”.

russian police officer sleeping in moscow city subway

I think I forgot to include this officer in “Sleeping in Subway” section, still I can put him here. Just another example of how you can get tired after the righteous job.

I suppose that someone would ask is there any Russian girls in Moscow city subway or no? Yes, for sure there are plenty of them, though such photos are not being submitted often just because Russian girls are everywhere in Moscow and Russia, not just in the subway. Still I’ve got some for you to show.

russian girls in moscow city subway

“Serious. Shady. Smiling.”

more of russian girls in moscow city subway

She is sitting on a stone tomb, probably she is not against if someone could make a monument of her sitting on the tomb.

russian brides in moscow city subway

Black and white Russian brides. It’s a kind of rhyme.

even more russian girls in moscow city subway

Those are gothic Russian girls.

And some more just curious photos from Moscow city subway:

biker in russian moscow subway

He probably preferred not to drink and drive, but to drink and ride, ride on Moscow city subway.

russian rafting sportsmen in moscow city subway

Those guys also decided not to drive nor to dive, just to take their oars to the deep underground.

There are plenty of other interesting people that you would be able to meet if you decide someday to travel to Russia and then visit a Moscow city subway, but for those who are not planing travelling to Moscow those articles are.

The quality of the photos are often not brilliant, but I hope you can understand – the photos are often made by the means people have handy in the subway like cameraphones.

Some of the photos are submitted by viers of Russian LiveJournal community metro_persons.

243 thoughts on “Photos made in Moscow subway”

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    • Excuse me,but,whereas the fact I’m not Russian,I think this pictures and them comments are very “USA vs Russia”.
      And,I’m sure that American metro’s passengers aren’t better!
      Ok,that could be funny,but,if you want to be more funny,now,send your American’s people’s metro’s Pic!
      I’m sure the joke will be better!
      In order to conclude”on ne voit bien que la paille qui est dans l’oeil de son voisin,mais,jamais la poutre qui est dans la sienne”!
      That’s an fact,not an jugement,but,I’m sorry,but,how could you be funny with people’s sadness?
      Will you go to Russia only to say and show bad things?
      What do you say if others countries do the same?????
      Peace begins here.
      Respect,please.And,sorry about my language,I’m not English,not American.

      • I agree with you – some people in New York subway look way more crazy! Not as many drunks but plenty of pips who may be “high” on something. I lived a long time in both “worlds” – Moscow and USA.

  3. Руки прочь от Родины!

    Много грязи! Но и хорошего не мало, а будет еще больше.

    Russian man

  4. 90% – made by “photoshop”?, let see some photo:

    and other. Unfortunatly, text is only russian

  5. haha))) very interesting photoes!))
    but in general it can be truth…
    i’m not sure in the truth of photoes with the policemen, but the crowd is a reality

    *russian girl*

    ну и пусть хают Россию…а нам пооофиг:) кстати, как в Англии – не знаю, а вот в Германии, конкретно в Кельне, такого в метро нет:)

  6. I knew people drank a lot in Russia, but the photographs depicts a clear example of how bad the drinking problem is. I haven’t seen people drunk, sleeping on the floor of buses in Panama, even though this is a poor country.

    I wonder if these same social problems occurred during the ex-Communist Soviet Union?

  7. favorite quote:
    And sometimes they drink too much to continue their trip to home, or just their life trip, and they land in subway, which accepts those strangers with warm station buildings and speedlight trains.

  8. Great pictures, thanks! Really makes me want to go to Moscow, ride the subway and take pictures. Makes me also want to go to Moscow, ride the subway, and pick up girls! Won’t they enjoy my skillful English and cute American accent. I think I’ll try to take some pictures on the subway here in Chicago…

    Thanks again for these fabulous pictures!


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  11. I was very saddened to see these photos. I left the USSR in 1981, never to return. I remember fondly the Moscow subway, having spent many content hours riding the bullet trains. I now live in Montreal, and the subway here, although very bland (very) compared to Moscow’s masterpiece, never exhibited such horror of a nation as these photos. Russia used to be a leader in culture, humanities (well, maybe not humanity), and civilization. Oh, what a poor decrepid monster this great beast has become. Наша родина? Моя родина там, где хорошо.

  12. прикольно

    I dont know about London or Cologne, but in San Francisco there are plenty of homeless people. They sleep on street , not in the subway, but it doesn’t look very much different.

  13. Nice pictures of moscow you have there!! I never thought, that there are sooo many freaks in russia. 😉 I want to go to there!! In Germany it isnt like that. Its even the opposite. I like your comments under the pictures. Very funny.
    Greetz from good old germany 😉

  14. кстате – почти все фотки спижжены естественно.
    из жж комьюнити metro_persons.

    причем аффтар (аффтарша) даже не разобралась что страйкболист из Питерского метро

  15. Wow, so many great pictures! We have many crazy people in the Boston subway, but no commandos or Stalin… no balalaikas either.

  16. Russia – The BEST Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moskow – The first city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ЭТО Вам не в тапки срать, и не фиг ржать над нами. НА себя посмотрите!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Хочешь попасть в Америку? Вступай в ракетные войска! Скоро всей вашей Америке…

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  20. I cant wait to go to Russia I hear the chicks there are easy! From your pictures they seem to be fine as hell and with all the homosexual guys there it will be easy pickings for me when it comes to getting the ladies! I can finally fulfill my fantasy of having 26 girls at one time! God Bless Russia, especially there hot easy women!

  21. Very interesting section of modern day life in Russia. But for a true study of drunken fools, start asking about pictures taken in Ireland. THERE you will find some mighty drinkers!!

  22. american guy, i don’t think, that you’ll be able able to fulfill your fantasy. As soon as you find a second girl, your head will meet a frying pan 😉
    Russian girls ain’t that easy.

    And there aren’t many homosexualist guys in Russia. It’s very few of them.

    And…. Avoid dark corners. You may loose your money and teeth.

  23. Half of this pictures made in St Petersburg subway, what whe fu** u are talkiing about Moscow? St Petersburg is the best place to visit for foreigner as the corner of Europe in Russia

  24. By us in holland we have also subways, full of drunk russians. i did not know you had them too in russia? holey moley!!!

  25. hehe, well just like ‘russian man’ said, this isn’t typical russian, even in the Netherlands, where i am from, you find this kind of people in train.

  26. I’ve lived in Alexandria (just outside of Washington DC) and I’ve travelled on the subway in NYC. I’ve seen stuff at least as bad as this on a fairly regular basis, except you never see drunk cops because you never see any police on the subway at all. But plenty of drunks and wackos, expecially in DC.

  27. There is no commando man in Moscow subway. Man with a gun is just paintball player. 😉 And by the way that particular picture was taken in Saint-Petersburg subway.

    Comrade Stalin is an comedian, he earns for a life being photographed with tourists on the Red Square. If you eventialy will vizit Moscow you will see actors playing Lenin, Trotski and even last russian emperor Nicolas.

    If you wood like to see how Moscow subway realy looks like just vizit Unfortunately site has only russian text, but anyway photos worth to look. I think you will not find nothing similar in whole world. 😉

  28. Hehe, comrad Stalin on photo nr 1 🙂 really cool =)
    But it’s not as bad as here in belgium, you get stabbed down for an mp3-player…
    And if you do so, you even get rewarded to go and watch an international football-match… (Belgium-Kazakhstan)

    Eto ne normalne.

    (PS, normally they are convicted, and they don’t get this kind of treatment, so don’t come over and try it 😉 )

  29. Да ладно, что вы все на них ругаетесь то? Прикольная подборка. Спижжено – ну и пожалуйста. Пускай вон туристы боятся ездить, а нам все равно. Собаки, кстати, тоже в метро у нас ездят, причем бесплатно. Не видели такой фотки? На моршанском форуме есть. Хоть у нас, в Моршанске и нет метро.

  30. well, I ever liked the russians. but these pic’s are normal. just come to Hungary to see the metro, for example ind the second week of august…or somewhen else. or not just the metro. the strange clothing, the drunkers and everything…you can find these things especially on the night buses. Budapest’s “extravagant” face is sometimes more funny for the tourists – and more sad for us, hungarians.
    and about the balalajka – it IS a nice pic! I absolutely love it! 😀

    és minden magyartól bocsánat a negatív reklámért, dehát nem védheti egyszerre az ember mindkét hazáját… 🙁

  31. That’s what is left of Russian culture in Hungary after 50 years. Dirtiness! Drinking after shave and sleeping in the streets.
    And Hungarian metros are not this bad!! Have you been there lately, Lilja, you wanker?
    Ne legyél fasz, hol láttál te ilyet?

  32. Kpngvin! mégcsak 18 éve élek itt, de ha mondjuk néha a 3-as metron jársz, nézz körül…azért írtam aug második hetét, mert Sziget alatt meg főleg nagy a gáz. de azért írtam h nem a metrók, hanem az éjszakai buszok főleg. és nem csak az ittas embereket emeltem ki, hanem az öltözködést is, mert úgy egészében beszéltünk a dolgokról. és mondom még egyszer: épp elég részeggel találkoztam a metroba, h a fenntit le merjem írni! (itt mint ahogy feljebbi vitákban is szó volt, nem csak a szerelvényeken lévő emberekről beszéltünk. a metró teljes területéről. és ha azt mered mondani h nincs dugig tele Kőbány-Kispest alkeszokkal, akkor én kérek bocsánatot! viszont akkor menj el Moszkvába, és hasonlítsad össze h ott mi van!!! mert a “more” itt az orosz helyzetekre vonatkozott!)

  33. First of all, half (if not every single) of those pics are stolen. Wtf, why I can see “” on every single of them? You should make a link to the source.
    Second, you won’t see same at Moscow’s subway everywhere. It is just a single occasions, collected during a period of time.
    And third, I might thank you for “Each station is like museum, with huge patchworks occupying some walls, high ceilings and antique type chandeliers.” but you shouldn’t only post those photos, where’s smthn funny etc, and also describe like its usual.

  34. Pues aqui ( mis fotos del metro de Barcelona.

    A disfrutar como descosidos

  35. Читал каменты – полный зачет, афтары жжгут, асобенна американчеги, но и хлопцы с гарнай Хахляндии тожа те исчо долбойопы, а фоты ети АХТУНГ фтопку их!

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  37. кг/ам
    author of this photos, never been in Moscow! Because some of photos not from Moscow and several of them from internet.
    Буржуи! НЕ сметь трогать нашу Родину! РОССИЯ БУДЕТ ЖИТЬ ВЕЧНО!
    мое почтение!!молодца, так держать!:)
    2american guy
    you “…may loose your money and teeth.”(c)another russian
    Фото отстой, зато коменты просто сказка:) Наши как обычно жгут!:)
    ЗЫ. Сергиев Посад – мой город родной!

    • Agree with you; whomever it is, is just trying to discredit Moscow and its people; I was there and saw nothing like this LIER!!!!!!!

  38. Хех
    Автор малалетний долбайоп, креатив гавно, но смотрится интересно =), каменты жгут адназночно, интелект выступающих на уровне с автором =[]

  39. Покажите злых агентов КГБ – на фоках их нет – значицо это не Россия, требую агетов КГБ


  41. Автор видел московский subвей только на чужих фотках, которые и выложил с присущей скорпулёзностью. Каменты – проста пиндец. Читать и плакать адназначна!!! Хотя, может это и к лучшему, пусть они нас боятся!


  43. Это ш Москва еще! В в симбирской губернии в метро зайдите!! Крысы, размером с волка! И волки, размером с медведыа!
    Ну, и все люди бородатые с лыжами да двустволками, и перроны деревянные. И электрички на угле, холодно же.

  44. I’m a russian and i’ve spent alot of time in Moscow’s subway but i didnt c most of this stuff, i mean i have but not in suck quantities! Were u there the whole day along just waiting 2 take shots of drunk ppl? And besides, thouse aren’t police, they’re soldiers, drunk after the army, i would watch u in our Armies and c what would you do after it, if you could handle it at all!
    And you know what, if you were just trying to prove that we drink alot thats just such a myth! Yes, people in russia do drink but thats because it’s so cold and because of hard lives. Why wouldn’t you take few shots of London subway and put a comment under that english people have bier at breakfast, red wine on supper and more alcoholic drinks on dinner, if its not friday, if it is then they just drink till they fall asleep!!!

  45. И правду, нехорошо как-то получилось, без медведей-то.
    А вот самое красивое метро таки в Ташкенте.

  46. yea… and in Poland we have white bears in our capital city and we usually hunt them.

    “It is just a single occasions, collected during a period of time.”

    I agree with that. I saw a suicider on the bridge in USA, is it mean that they all will die shortly?

    cheap sensation, thats what it is. I could buy any tabloid to get the same class of “shooocking o_O” photos.

  47. Two thumbs up man! Great pics. I love this kinda stuff which gives us an insider’s view of a city thousands of miles away. If you had 100 more I would keep looking till the end. Cheers!

  48. Маськва сосет – Питер решает! В вашем сраном деревенском метро только такое и можно увидеть… Столица, бял!

  49. Very very interesting pictures. I didn`t think much of the captions, instead i prefered to judge for myself what was going on, but what amazing images. Thank you. It`s good to see examples of the real Russia, or at least more realistic than the images / stories we see on the TV here. People are people, whereever you go. Respect.

  50. And what`s more, as regards another posters comments – you go to any city and you can see people who live on the street or those who are in need of help basically, society`s forgotten…

  51. The Moscow Metro is clean and efficient. I would much rather ride it than, for example, the Washingto, D.C., Metro. The drunks and oddballs are there, but they are usually harmless. I remember a man who used to dress and look like Lenin and hung around Arbat Street. He was cool. Tourists would pay to have their photos taken with him. I had mine taken with a guy who dressed as Ivan Grozny (Ivan the Terrible).

    God bless Russia!

  52. hehe þetta er fyndið maður en þið borðið ekki slátur og rauðrófur eða svið og sultu svo passið ykkur bara þið skiljið mig aldrei þið eruð rúsnenskir hálvitar

  53. Everyone forgets this is a humor site first. (and very funny! I love it!) No, these are not every day pictures of the Moscow subway. Yes, we have funny stuff on American subways too. But Moscow really does have the passed out drunk guys. As Americans, we assume they are homeless but it is just average guys passed out – that’s why it’s funny (sad funny).

    Everyone should check out pictures of the subway stations though. The Moscow subway really is the most beautiful subway in the world.

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  55. The Moscow underground… It is the whole world where it is possible to meet simultaneously examples of terrible cruelty and amazing philantrophy… I go by this underground every day, and sleeping drunkards I see, well once a month can…. The Author of photos for certain needed a lot of time to collect such picturesque company. The underground at us in Moscow have devoted the whole musical. And all is not so terrible, as on these pictures. And still. Yes, in our country people like to drink, but not so if to judge on these pictures- – there can be a wrong impression. On a photos are presented drunks for a long time lost human and national shape . And the author has not photographed our beautiful girls!!! ((((

  56. Cool! It’s real russian subway))
    That’s photo one can made if you use Moscow subway every day))
    Welcome to the Moscow!

    Люблю Нашу Родину, нет еще такой страны.

  57. И грустно и смешно. Всё равно наше метро самое красивое в мире, это известный факт. Таких станций как Комсомольская, Площадь Революции и т.д. нет нигде в мире.
    Хохлы в своём репертуаре. Комплекс у них очень большой. Не нравится Россия? Не надо здесь работать, пиздуйте у Кыиу. Хохлы в России – это проститутки, торгаши и грузчики, не уважающие ни себя, не нас.
    Наши братья – белорусы, сербы и поляки.

  58. Agrrrr! I’l wait for you, dear americans, here, in Russia!
    Даёшь медведей! Покажем америке наше истинное лицо! 🙂

  59. To all of the Russian readers that are upset with Americans because of the Moscow subway photos, I must tell you that no one is attempting to laugh at you. This site is not American. It is from Finland and is in English only because they want us to be able to read the text. I don’t believe that Russians or Muscovites are all heavy drinkers. The photos show a human condition that is the same the world over. In fact, the photos show that the Russian subway riders are more tolerant than people would be on American subways. I have seen many other photos of Moscow, her citizens and the subways and they are beautiful.

    • Right you are; we visited Moscow May 2008, and were flabbergasted with the grandeur of this subway stations; from paintings, mosaics to sculptures it was a great surprise; nothing compared to our subway stations here in NYC. This photographs do not give justice, they only show the inside of the subway cars, and as Buddy says if these men were really drunk, we have them all over the US and for sure all over the world.

  60. Инга, дырища – понятие относительное. Не ебите себе и окружающим мозги 😉

  61. All these pictures are fine 🙂
    As a citizen of Moscow I can confirm, that everything you see on the pictures is true!
    It seems to look fine, but it’s ain’t easy to live around this.

  62. I would say that comments are almost as special as photos itself;-)
    Anyways, there are surprisingly much adequate russians aswell, mind you;-)

    *one of the aforementioned sort*:-)))

  63. You know, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I think it’s fair to say about all the pictures on this site – you see what you want to see.

  64. The whole site is a HUGE american provocation. American propaganda works. Hollywood’s lie seems to be not sufficient. Ha-ha!!…

    Reine Scheisse.

  65. yup this site is great! nice articles but the comments make me laugh even more beucase so many russians are trying to deny these things “90% photoshopped” LOL!

  66. About drunk people: two radically different phenomena are mixed. Some of them are obviously homeless people that LIVE in the subway. Well, they are almost constantly drunk. Similar pictures you could take in NYC or Paris. Others are ‘just drunk’. These are somewhat specific to Russia. You can rearly see an american police officer sleeping drunk on the floor in NYC subway in his(her???) uniform 😉 (It isn’t so frequent in Russia also. The photos are rear shots, don’t be afraid to enter Moscow subway, there aren’t dozens of people liyng drunk on the floor!) I am speaking only of common attitude to the fact. And it is … I’d say, very tolerant. Law is not. The charges for a crime would generally be harder if the accused is proved to be under the action of alcohol. But people have a mind of their own. ‘Sorry, I was just drunk’ is a very popular (and accepted) excuse in Russia. The attitude is not universal, of cause. Some people would accept it, and some wouldn’t. Your friends and your neighbours would probably be among the former, and your employer and your landlord among the letter… And your spouse? Well, I just don’t know…

    About the girls: The one on a tomb is probably a student and does probably speak English. The Serious and the Smiling are probably about $100/h, no need to speak. The Shady is probably a mom, don’t bother!

    Thanks for the great photos anyway!

  67. Hi! My name’s Denis & I’m from Moscow.
    Really enjoyed your writing about our subway.You’ve got a good sence of humor. But we who use subway everyday just got used to all those sights)))))

  68. I am from Hungary and we have a same metro cars as in Moscow. So it was funny for me to see these pics 🙂

  69. To judge on the country on the basis of several photos – nonsense. If you so do, a problem not with the country, and with you.

  70. Endurance from instructions for use the Russian underground.

    9. It is forbidden to all persons who are being in territory of underground:
    9.1. To drink spirits, to enter at station and to pass in trains in a state of intoxication, and also in a condition of narcotic or toxic intoxication.
    9.2. To smoke at stations, in transitions and cars of underground.
    9.3. To enter on station with ice-cream, and also with luggage and in clothes which can soil passengers, cars, constructions and devices of station.
    As subjects which can pollute or damage clothes of citizens, interiors of cars, constructions and devices of station, admit including foodstuff unpacked or the open packing, drinks in the open packing.
    9.4. To pass and be at stations without footwear.
    9.5. To pass through manual control item with operatin travel cards to documents on the basis of magnetic cards{maps}, with tickets and the documents which are not entitling travel on underground, including copies of operating{working} travel papers, including notarially certified, and also to use for pass through a turnstile counters of the unstated form and to carry out not authorized pass through automatic control items{points}, differentiating barriers and ropes.
    9.6. To take bulky luggage, which sum of measurements on length, width and height, and for a roll – on height and its two diameters or axes in the basis 200 sm, or which length over 220 sm exceed, and also any luggage which can lead to traumas of passengers at transportation the escalator (linoleum, roofing material, a metal grid in rolls, a heavy metal structure, etc.)
    9.7. To use for transportation of luggage wheel means, except for economic bags-carriages which mismatch requirements:
    – The width of a rim of a wheel should be not less than 22 mm;
    – The basic probe (at its presence) should terminate in a sphere in diameter not less than 20 mm;
    – If in a design of a bag-carriage the basic insert it should be equipped, at least by two spherical emphasises or the cylinder for all length of an insert with external diameter not less than 20 mm is used.
    9.8. Autocratically to get into cabins of cars, on ways of underground, to service and industrial premises{rooms}, to boothes of ventilating mines{shafts}, tunnels and on the closed territory, and also other objects of underground.
    9.9. To damage to buildings, constructions, the equipment of cars, escalators and stations.
    9.10. To enter without the permission on the idle escalator.
    9.11. To lean and to put things on hand-rail of escalators, to remove rubber hand-rail, to throw any subjects, to run on the escalator, to sit at steps of the escalator and without need to use the switch with an inscription “stop” on a balustrade of the escalator.
    9.12. To take inflammable, poisoning, toxic, poisonous substances, subjects and liquids, household gas bags.
    9.13. To use open fire, pyrotechnic devices (fireworks, petards, etc.).
    9.14. To take the fire-arms, pricking, cutting and easily fragile subjects, skis and skates without covers or suitable packings, and also animals outside of special containers which sizes do not exceed specified in п.п.4.1.2.
    9.15. To litter and pollute a hall, transitions and platforms of stations, interiors of cars, ways, escalators.
    9.16. To enclose any subjects on a way of underground.
    9.17. To carry out a photo, cinema and video shootings without the written sanction of administration of underground.
    9.18. To put any inscriptions in a hall, transitions of stations and in cars of trains.
    9.19. To run on platforms, to not observe the directions of movement established by information indexes and to interfere with the organized volumes of passenger traffic.
    9.20. To come for a restrictive line at edge of a platform up to a full stop of a train.
    9.21. To enter into interiors of cars after the announcement: ” it is cautious! Doors are closed “, and also to enter and leave before full opening doors of cars.
    9.22. To open doors of cars during movement of a train, to interfere with their opening or closing at stops, to detain departure of a train from station.
    9.23. Without need to use communication “passenger-driver” in cars of trains.
    9.24. To move on roller boards and skates and all similar sports means.
    9.25. To go by motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards and other similar vehicles.
    9.26. To listen to audio equipment through loudspeakers, to use means of sound amplification and to play on musical instruments.
    9.27. To carry out after the corresponding prevention landing and a trip in trains the following further without passengers.
    9.28. To use the areas of underground without the written sanction of its administration for employment by the commercial, advertising and other activity connected with reception of the income.
    9.29. To carry out any propaganda activity, addressed to a unlimited circle of persons.
    9.30. To burn dust and to plant fires more close 25 meters from all objects of underground, including separately costing boothes of ventilating mines.
    9.31. To connect electric loading to networks of underground without the corresponding sanction of administration of underground.

    And citizens of Russia these rules observe all, even it is better than laws of the constitution.
    And almost all photos artificial.

  71. Look.

    You will see the true greatness and beauty of the Moscow underground.
    And you will understand, that your underground, even it is impossible to compare comparison with Russian.
    Because each station of underground, as a separate palace under the ground, accessible to the usual person.

  72. I’m afraid most of that photos are not fake. BUT! These are extraordinary pictures of russian life, not normal. I think that every countries and every nations has some extraordinary pictures, and some pictures like this can be taken in ANY country and in any subway.
    I think that this is very special view and very tendentious collection of photos. I have no idea – for what?
    I’m russian, I love Moscow subway, this is really beautiful place. And I NEVER SEEN something like this!

    Sorry for bad english.

  73. Dispite the fact that some of you think that is it “insight into what goes on in Russia”, I have my own theory.

    It is a carefully selected set of images to demonstrate how bad it is there. It is called “scum” in general. I can have just the same “gallery” of images from NY subway. In fact, I have seen Much worse scenes in NY.

    It is not unusual to see such images. After all, this is what CNN does every day. They, for example, pick a little hospital in a russian village in the middle of nowhere and show how “bad” the medical system in _Russia_ is. Pity, they don’t show the same type of things in Texas. It would be cheaper the to fly across the globe.

    This type of one-legged truth is really disgusting.

  74. Yeah, the photos definitely represent what’s sometimes going on in Russia’s subway! I saw drunken policemen many times also in 90s. Truth be told they are involved in change process 🙂 and such cases are seldom nowadays.

  75. And what surprising? The underground as the underground. Anything especial.
    Photos of rare structures of the underground would be more interesting (Yauza, the Hedgehog, Rusith, etc.).

  76. To soon all world the end will come.
    There will be only the USSR.
    We simply pretend to be such.
    To eclipse your vigilance.

    Wait it will be fast the END

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  78. Brazilian people is suffering at the same way.It`s not so diferent from the rest os the world.HOPE is the word we all need.

  79. attention!
    Now I am addressing to the American people from New Orleans! Do you remember, as you turned in animals during hurricane. Let’s recollect People, who got raped and killed in stadium. All this happened in rich and satisfied&fat America! Recollect old good Jim Morisson – it still for a long time ago all has told about it – you are same today
    All people in the world are equal.

  80. russians stop telling that subway is like that everywhere with alcoholics sleeping in cars! Nonsense! In each EU city’s subway you’ll never find scenes like that.
    I’ve recently been to Prague and Budapest – nothing like on your pics! and add to that fact that in those cities police doesn’t control entrance like in your subway. They even don’t have those women sitting next to escalator with popping-out-eyes watching at crowds of people passing

    that’s all your mentalitet

    I’m not talking about all russians, but about those who think they’r best.

  81. Photos, shot in – no, not Hamburg underground – the Muscovites underground are to be found here. A fine Blog in all other respects with interesting articles. Kamikaze democracy writes over the amazing democracy understanding of the artist Hans Haacke. In the citizen of Berlin realm tag building gives it a work of art on behalf of “the population”. Now couldn’t one accept completely naively that it was safe no problem, photos from this work of art to to make and in the private Web log publish – why also? Nevertheless finally with tax fundses – thus of us all – one financed and also still stands in “our” realm day… which should thus against it speak? One – in particular also in today’s times – must see trade unions critical. Also over a legally specified minimum wage one may be able to argue trefflich. About what one cannot argue, is the minimum wage Web log. If not per minimum wage one argues, there fine articles from Andreas are to be found to, so e.g. to the child poverty. Via the shock wave rider I became attentive on these old maps – grandios. The latter linktap to our neighbours goes to Missi – large cinema about Spam defense

  82. ikh’ Bean du of the di der das here… and 4 to vashche not drinking:))yyy (wiping sopli) and so… not poor podborochka…:)) such we freaks occurs. and you do represent on them compromising material to collect? Relatives!! there is no chip they are opened still

  83. Hahaha…i really enjoyed the could you do it?? i have seen alot of those in Moscow subway, but i hadn’t enough Courage to take Photos, cuz they might not like being of Photos.
    Nice work ))

  84. I am Tokyoite. I hesitate to make any grand statements about others because I saw boozer’s vomit in a crowded train at midnight several times. But Russian public manners are worse than ours.

    Do Russians like to wear black and white gothic costume? These people are often seen at Harajuku, Tokyo, too.

    Subway tranis in Moscow are obsolete. It looks like trains in Japan in the 1970’s. Russians should invest in your subway systems. Is Russia the rich country thanks to boom in the oil industry? I think that they afford it.

  85. Hey, people, I think you’re a bit prejudiced. Most of those drunk men sleeping in the subway are homeless. You probably know that it’s very cold in Russia in winter. So, subway workers just let homless people in without any fare, otherwise homeless would just feeze to death in the street. They go in and sleep in trains and on stations and you can see them early in the morning. Later they go away to come back in the night. It’s quite unpleasant for other passengers because those people stink, but it wouldn’t be any better to let them die.

    A girl from Russia

    • That’s right, Yaroslava. They picked the worst pictures and dont want to see what’s going on inside of their own decaying cities.

  86. I haven’t found any funny things in this post. As Yaroslava wrote before this is just homeless poor peoples. And the comment about the ‘digital’ camera and the ‘woman’ just killed me. Wake up man, have you ever been in Moscow?

  87. I have seen all all of those themes. All can occur in Moscow, this is true. Having said this, i should also add that i saw similar themes in New York, where i went last year, too. Anyway, it has always been like that there and it is coming to Moscow now. Perhaps, it is just the begining. Unfortunately.

  88. Hi

    Thanks for those photoes.. some of them are very funny, some are not.. But this is excatly how life in Russia is.
    Great Big Country where everybody knows who is Bayron and Tolstoy but at the same time you can be killed by anyone and everywhere just because you were watching not in a correct way..

  89. камменты всё интересней и интересней!
    зайду через пару недель, посмотрю что ещё интересного наваяют!!

  90. The picture of a guy with a gun looks fake anyway. Remember, it’s not Russia where people shoot others by dozens, last time was it…Virginia? And before that… Colorado? And before that… Colorado? I thought you expats liked working and getting laid in Russia, so why not say something nice?

  91. Очень жаль иностранцев, читающих подобные сайты.
    Россия красивейшая страна.

    I am sorry foreigner, who read so site.
    Russia is beautiful country.

  92. I want to know more on russia. I like the pictures ,but I want more about the average russian.not the drunks or others. Also I am ashamed of how american men think of russian women. they are the ones who can,t get a women in a all woman prison. please send more on everyday russian life. it is more like my american life then you would believe.

  93. Good photos. I liked them. I have seen things of this nature in New York too but it does not make these any worse. In fact, i have to face something like this every day when going to work. Drunken policeman is reality too. And we never smile which makes us different too (apart from other things).
    Good work guys. Keep up.
    Alex Kuznetsov

  94. If they all had jobs there in Russia they wouldn’t be laying around everywhere! Why don’t we move some sweat shops over there and employ them? Better a dollar an hour than nothing!!! And the women, MY GOD,it’s a wonder they have any children over there… we need to ship them free condoms or something.

  95. I know you can learn better English than that! If you try really try hard, you might find a street sweeping job. Stop drinking that Vodka!!! Your country is lucky we don’t have our troops over there, yet!!!

    • Can you speak Russian? How many languages do you speak exactly?

      Get your neo-imperialistic American ass out of here. You have enough problems with Iraq. The world will be laughing when American unipolar politics end, and judging by the rate things are going, we won’t have to wait very long.

  96. Hy everybody. I would like to congratulate the person who created these wonderfully tricked photos. There is little truth in them but do not get me started about Bronx or other bad places in the woold. Instead of filling your eyes with images created open your hearts and mind and start helping – there is a world of pain and misery out there you ignorants. What would you do uf you saw somebody sleeping in the Metro? TAKE A PICTURE? NO you foul….you are not blameless in order to cast the stone for instance at the women sitting next to the guy sleeping. Stop Being IGNORANT…

  97. I wonder if you can see such pictures in England, Germany or in other wealthy countries, but in our country( I’m from Ukraine) you can see worth ones just in the streets. It’s quite normal.

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    • Wow! It’s interesting that a simple series of photographs has provoked such hate, judging by the comments here. I personally don’t think that there is anything truly outrageous (or artful) in the photos…something that can be seen in any large city, if one is on a quest to capture it on film. However, it makes me sick to see how many truly self-righteous, bigotted, a-holes there are out there…from Russia, America, France, and everywhere else. I’ve known and loved people from all over the world, and I would never make such narrow-minded, blanket statements about the residents of any one country!

  100. All greetings, I live in Russia!!! Such in Moscow already for a long time is not present! Now Russia, a civilized country, and Moscow the largest, quickly developing, modern megacity! Bears do not go to a circle of the Kremlin also Russian do not drink constantly vodka and do not play infinitely on a balalaika, each citizen of Russia very much loves the country, all Russian true patriots! I think these photos those people which have made envy such big power (the government of the USA)!!! Interesting questions across Russia ask me, to all I shall answer.

  101. Regarding the picture with the caption “Have you ever seen such a huge balalaika? And the balalaika owner seems to be quitely sleeping, not caring his musical instrument to be stolen. Who would need such a thing?” … that’s not a balalaika, it’s a bandura.

    • well people as am russian i can say that in all the world u can see good and bad , ugly and beautiful it dipends on ur goals and tastes for some people they like to see good things they will see all good things ….for some is the oposite …if u saw moscow from the other side difenetley u will like it its good side …
      but again it all dipends on ur taste …some poeple fan of midle eas for example some people hate it too much and saw there all the nigatives as it had and more …
      so if u like Russia visit it u will not lose anything and see Moscow then take a disition

  102. I was much amused by the pictures, I thought they were fun 🙂 Those things don’t happen on a regular basis but they CAN happen (except for the guy with the rifle, that’s impossible unless the rifle is fake).

    Those things can happen because Moscow is on the the most vibrant, diverse, cool and decadent cities in the world! Not to mention one of the largest. We’ve got lots of frieks here, hehe 🙂 but they are cool and harmless. What I also see on the pictures is a great deal of tolerance the Moscow crowd shows to the unusual behavior. That rings true, too. People here are quite cosmopolitan and can tolerate almost anything.

    But I must say I am quite disturbed by the discussion here. It’s pretty sad that people lack any sense of humor and take these photos as some kind of representation of the “horrid Russian reality”. That’s *beep* pathetic. The Russian posters are the worst (shame on you guys!), some of the Americans don’t fall too far behind though.

    As for the homeless people, L.A. and San Francisco rule the world!!! :)))

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  104. Hey-

    Just got back from Moscow- I saw nothing like the pics here. The stations for the most part were works of art. They were crowded but very clean and the people were typical of all subways-

  105. B”H
    By the way, I want you to know, your sadistic humor made my night. Russians shouldn’t be sad; puh-leez. I’m a Lithuanian-Greek and Yemenite Jew whose family settled in Israel only to be booted during Olmert’s first withdrawal from Israeli settlements. Life is depressing, folks, extrapolate some humor from it or kill yourselves. This is funny. Subways ARE a great way to meet interesting people, in every country, particularly countries where depressing things happen, because the content of people’s character in such countries is so much more complex. Expect it, get over it, laugh at it. Thanks for exploiting the humor in everything sad or difficult. You should merit health and happiness yourself. I only wish I would see such things on the metrolink here in Los Angeles. Peace.

  106. I’ve been on Moscow metro and didn’t see this, however only for a few stops. I’d have to be very lucky.

    As regards ‘drink problem’ I was chatting to a Polish guy here in Scotland
    Me – We have a bad drinking problem in Scotland
    Him – No you don’t you do it really well.

    What problem?!! 😉

  107. God, why dont you go pick on something more important. Like say, former president bush?, war, the violence. But no you cant be bothered, pick on a people sleeping in a subway.
    Like…WOW, youve really opened up my eyes to how people (in every city) sometime sooner or later fall asleep on a bus or public transportation. Its such a crime. Thank you, you dull witted coward.

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  109. Well, as a typical moscovite i am used to such ‘views’ and have almost forgotten that they are not exactly ‘normal’ elswhere. Unfortunately, i cannot leave my home town as i love it a lot as many of us. Now i can see what it looks like from abroad.

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  111. I am Persian, have been to Russia, and have been to other parts of World, for me, Russian girls are so hot, as I push ’em lots…
    Blond and tiny one from West part of Moscow are preferable….
    Persians Luv U Russian’s girl for sure….+~..~+

  112. You know we can find worse pictures even in United states but why? Go take some ugly pics around ur house I will be amazed too. Its not nice!!!!

  113. hmm…
    it more better than our train… or subway?
    OK we don’t have subway…
    but still
    Russian subway are more better! no accident more 2 at month
    their train are well, tidy, rarely come late…
    oh ya, no flood
    I’m jealous with it!!
    Hope our country it’s like you
    “greetings from Indonesia”

  114. 1st the gun with the “soldier” is a paint gun, 2nd
    what i’m gonna say is the same as Jeanne Gabrielle said. this is just a strike at Russia tourism. my brother is in Germany there is more pics there, as for my aunt in Canada there is more there too. and my friends wife is in america now there is the big surprise.

  115. Definnitely imagine thst that you said. Yourr favourite reason appeared to
    be at the internet the easiest thing to be mindful of.
    I say to you, I certainly get irked at the same time as folks think about concerns that they plainly do
    not realize about. You controlled to hit thhe nail upon the ttop and outlined out
    the whole thing without having side effect , folks ccan take a signal.
    Will likely be again to get more. Thank you


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