Gregory Perelman and Bin Laden screenshot

This a screenshot of the article about Gregory Perelman, the mathematician who refused million dollar prize  and Fields medal, by which he was awarded for Poincare conjecture solution, one of the hardest mathematical tasks of 20th century. And now he cannot be reached by any media for an interview or photo. In related posts down at this page you can see a link to an article how Russian TV media number one took his old photo and changed his appearance (his suit and tie) to present it before hundred million audience in night news programm.

And here is a screenshot of Gregory Perelman article in Yahoo, and Bin Laden, the terrorist number one photo occasionally was placed by banner rotating system of Yahoo on the same page. You can call it artificial intellect but they really look alike, and not only in the terms of appearance, but both cannot be found for a simple interview.

gregory perelman, russian scientist and osama bin laden

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