21 thoughts on “Have you ever seen a frozen sea? Besides “Day after tommorow” movie?”

  1. Um, nice try, but you can clearly see in most of the photos that there’s simply a lot of white foam – on a clearly liquid sea. The frozen ice in the forground adds to the illusion that there’s a frozen sea that was somehow instantaneously frozen. Some of the photos are almost believable, but when all are seen the illusion is broken.

  2. Hmm, let’s take a look at the last photo, and then go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/mdav/186081774/ It’s the same beach in Constanta, Romania, this time looking up towards the city. Note the enclosed rectangular area and the blue water toboggan next to it. Browse that flickr.com folder and you’ll see more “coincidences” like this.

    I’m willing to bet that photos 2, 5, and 7 are also take in Constanta, this time from the promenade near the Casino (which was artfully deleted), probably shot last winter when they had minus 27 Celsius for a few days.

  3. I don’t know… I think it’s real. How else do you explain the sea gulls frozen in mid flight? This truth of yours… it’s very inconvenient! If this doesn’t prove global climate change then… I renounce my Al Gore card!

  4. I agree. I’m not sure of the nature of these pictures, but you can pour cold water on the ground when it’s -40 (centigrate or farenheit, it’s the same) and the water won’t freeze midstream. I used to live on the coast in the very northernmost tip of the Gulf of Bothnia in Kemi, Finland and could see the ocean out my window, and it never looked like this. This is just some weird freak of nature. Waves don’t freeze like that, they have too much kinetic energy.

  5. hmmm, looked real until the 4th to last photo where it seemed to be so cold that gravity froze and left ice crystals suspended in thin air.

  6. hmmm, im guessing a fast shutter speed was used, but some of the shots you can still see the water flowing smoothly.

    Liars!, Salt Water doesnt freeze easily. especially with the power of the ocean moving it around, ever seen a salt water waterfall freeze? aint gunna happen.

    Liars!, Gravity wont allow a wave to pause in mid air while it freezes, If anything it would be sludge and not a formed wave.

    Liars!, Seagulls are clearly landing in the water, unless they have heated feet they arnt gunna break througth the “ice”

    Liars!, If the seagulls are feeding then fish must be swimming, something that is made difficult by freezing the water around them.

    Liars!, If it were really frozen then dont you think the penguins would be iceskating???

  7. That looks quite dodgy. I do not believe wave being frozen while in motion. The molecules particle will still have sufficient kinetic energy to ensure it remains in motion, or unless it slow down, where all the energy is being transfered to another form, such that it starts to freeze, but definitely not while in motion.

  8. the entire original set can be found here,

    They were not even taken in Russia, they are from Tomis Harbour, Constanta, Romania on the Black Sea. Which is a mixture of fresh and salt water.

    The “frozen waves” are not frozen, it is just slushy water from an ice storm which is obvious by the ice on the railings and such.

    The pictures of the large open areas that people are walking on is where the slush has been pushed ashore and compacted enough to walk on.
    You can tell the waves are still fluid by the mist givin off by the crashing waves, the water droplets hanging in mid air and the birds in the water.
    Not to mention a wave cannot freeze in mid air like that, there is way too much kinetic motion.

    Incase that’s not enough, the average mid-winter temperature in Constanta, Romania isn’t even below freezing,

    “The winter is much balmier compared to other cities in southern Romania. It has very little snow but can be very windy and thus, unpleasant. Winter arrives much later than in the interior and December weather is often balmy with high temperatures reaching 12 °C. Average January temperature is +0.4 °C.”
    ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constan%C5%A3a

    I doubt their ponds and lakes even freeze over, let alone one of the largest seas in the World.


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