17 thoughts on “Somebody dumped tons of money bills on the field”

  1. I think these are the notes from a case some time ago when they found several abandoned sealed missile silos that were full of these old banknotes.

    Then some people managed to find those and tried stealing the cash from them. I don’t exactly remember the whole story but it made the national news and everything. (I think the notes were taken off the circulation by banks and sealed away because they contined heavy metals or something along those lines..)

  2. communist suck

    look at north korea and south korea

    same people

    north korea is communist and poor and un happy

    south korea is Free and rich and Happy

  3. lol even the captcha image came out as soviet. That gives me an idea that those bills might have been from a soviet era and are not valid anymore

  4. This is an art project (wallpaper or something) waiting to happen. I can’t imagine that somebody hasn’t gathered it to put it to some sort of innovative use.

  5. This is what the dollar is TODAY. Question is, when will people stop trading valuable things (like their time) for them? Just because somebody prints some fancy little designs on a piece of paper doesn’t mean you should sacrifice yourself to get them.

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  7. its interesting how everyone wants to say things about the U.S. Honestly its ok if the country pulls back and lets the rest of the world do what they want. It sucks to be the powerful country because everyone complains if you do they complain if you don’t they complain. The US didn’t start out to be world police it just fell to them. Most citizens want the government to focus on domestic problems,its the very few at the top that make us all look bad. Russians you must stop thinking that the west hates you. This is the exact opposite,Russia and her people are fascinating and we are only full of curiosity. Russia is a respected country around the world but they don’t realize it sometimes.

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