Perelman, “the maths genius living in property”, today officially refused Field’s medal

We already have mentioned the strange behavior of Gregory Perelman.fields medal image

Today the Fields medal congress has started in Madrid, and their press service officially declared that Perelman refuses to accept his Field’s medal, an award that’s being considered as important among mathematicians as  Nobel prize  among other scientists.
 It is not known why Nobel chose not to establish a prize in Mathematics, although there are several theories about the lack of one, nevertheless the  history of the Fields Medal begins in the Committee of the International Congress set up by the University of Toronto in November of 1923, with the purpose of organizing the 1924 Congress to be held in Toronto.

This decision of the bright mathematician confuses the Field’s medal commission. They actually now don’t know to whom they can award the prize.

Perelman became famous after he solved the Poincare conjecture, but even more famous he became after he refused million dollar prize for his conjecture solution. There had been a lot of jokes in the scientific society regarding this denial, like “It’s not secure to posses a  million in St. Petersburg”, I just can remind you that St. Petersburg is being called the most criminalized city in Russia, and Gregory Perelman lives there, though I am sure that he was not motivated by fear of any kind.

According to Perelman itself he refuses all prizes and awards because he doesn’t care either about money  nor about fame. He said that he is against the policy of making idols from brilliant scientists. Well, that comes along with “Do not make a sculpted image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above…”, the second Commandment from Ten Tables.

It’s hard for us to understand the motivations of the man who solved the greatest mathematical mystery, that was previously tried by thousands of outstanding mathematicians, during 100 years without any luck. For sure his brain works slightly different and may have some noble ideals other than 1 million or a round piece of metal that is called “a medal”

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  1. An incredible Brain…Honores al señor Perelman por su grandes logros y su rechazo a recibir un premio de quienes ni siquiera entienden su trabajo, ese logro no tiene precio..


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