Inflatable S-300 air defense system

The S-300PMU [SA-10 land-based, SA-N-6 naval version] surface-to-air missile system is able to engage a number of targets simultaneously, countering intensive aircraft raids at low-to-high altitude. The SA-10 offers significant advantages over older strategic surface-to-air missile systems, including multitarget handling and engagement characteristics, a capability against low altitude targets with small radar cross-sections such as cruise missiles, a capability against tactical ballistic missiles, and possibly a potential to intercept some types of strategic ballistic missiles.

It was Russia’s best system in this class. Real threat to enemy planes and ballistic missiles. Costs hundres thousands dollars each.

And now a budget version – inflatable. First check the real thing:

Inflatable S-300 air defense system

The system consists of two vehicle, this above and another:

Inflatable S-300 air defense system

 Ok, and now the new type of S-300, the S-300 Inflatable:

Inflatable S-300 air defense system

and already on the positions:

Inflatable S-300 air defense system

 Pilots say that from a altitude where jet planes fly the s-300 inflatable looks just like a real thing, and also it has a special metal thread, so radars think it’s a real metal structure.

Probably such inflatable systems would be sold to Iran in order they could display much more defensive power they have in fact.


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  1. Aren’t this kind of dummy vehicles also used on military trainings as cheap and logistically comfortable yet realistic (as mentioned, also visible for radars) targets for fighter pilots, tank crews and artillery?

  2. I like the picture of this superb Russian technology although S-400 is coming and S-500 is in last testing stages and hopefully it would prove something beyond U.S and E.U missile defence systems. Thanks for the great post and keep up the good work…

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