Russian road patrol policeman gets sodomized (video)

Short amateur feature clip depicting the humiliation on a road patrol police guy. In Russia road patrols are very easy to bribe, a person might never in his all life pay the road tickets in the bank – all the “situations” are resolved right on site with the help of a few bills. Probably this is a reason for such videos.

Please wait a little while the video loads.

2 thoughts on “Russian road patrol policeman gets sodomized (video)”

  1. I couldn’t watch the clip. What’s wrong with it?
    V 1933godu Gebbels sdelal v Berline vystavku “upadnicheskogo” evrejskogo iskusstva i snabdil kartiny svoimi kommentariami, tipa “nemeckij krestianin glazami evrejev” i t.d.
    A teper my vidim vystavku photographij pod nazvaniem “russkij ment glazami britanskogo zhida”.
    Vsem privet.


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