AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

 AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

This is photoset from Kalashnikov AK-47 Museum in Izhevsk city, Russia. The Kalashnikov Museum was opened in the city of Izhevsk, Russia on November 4, 2004 – one week prior to the AK-47 designer’s 85th birthday as a gift for his anniversary. The budget of the project exceeded US$8,000,000. You can see the photos made by actual museum visitor here in this post:

AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

This is the entrance into museum

The Kalashnikov Weapons Museum and Exhibition Center was opened in the city of Izhevsk, Russia on November 4, 2004 – one week prior to Mikhail Kalashnikov’s 85th birthday.

The construction of the museum began back in 1996, but was suspended due to insufficient funding. During a visit to Izhevsk in 2003, the CEO of RAO “UES of Russia”, Anatoly Chubais, had meetings with Mikhail Kalashnikov, the Udmurt Republic authorities, and potential investors.

As a result of this visit, a funding schedule was established for the project in order that the museum and exhibition center could be opened before the designer’s birthday.
AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

There are many of exhibits in the first hall of the museum devoted to the biography of M. Kalashnikov, the AK-47 inventor.

AK-47 Kalashnikov museum


Here is an assault rifle AK-47 from the first ever production series.
By Summer of 1948 the pilot batch of AK-47 is manufactured and by the end of 1948 AK-47 successfully went through the field trials. In 1949 the assault rifle, designated “Kalashnikov 7.62mm assault rifle, make 1947 (AK)” was adopted by the Soviet Army and Kalashnikov (turning merely 30) has been honored with the Stalin Prize for Industrial Work.

AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

This showcase features AKM versions: upper model – with folding butt-stock, next one – with wooden stock and different kind of bayonet, and the gun with the silencer.

Down here is a limited edition version: the butt, hand grip, fore grip, hand-guard and magazine are made from glass filled polyamide material of green color.

This modification was produced on special order – the best USSR frontier guard soldiers were awarded with individual AKMs of green color and individually labeled. Mikhail Kalashnikov would often visit frontier posts and personally hand this special AK as an award to the best guard. The soldier wouldn’t take it home though then his draft was over – the gun would be kept at the frontier post’s own museum. The label on this modification of AKM reads: “To the Winner of Socialist Labor Contest”.
AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

Across the museum there are LCD screens and plasma panels offering to the visitors different audio and visual information regarding the life of the inventor and story of his invention.
Overall, there are 17 video and multimedia presentations running in the exposition – on large LCD panels, projected to the walls and featured in information kiosks.

AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

Along with development and improvement of AK-47, Kalashnikov’s Design Bureau had been working on design of general-purpose squad automatic weapon, designated for all kinds of combat troops.

There were modifications for airborne troops, for armored forces and so on, and PK-series (Pulemyot Kalashnikova) for 7.62 x 54 R caliber round was adopted as the standard general-purpose machine gun of the Red Army. Here you can see experimental model and standard PK machine gun.

They illustrate conception of unification – one of these is made for infantry, while another – for mounting on tanks. PKT tank machine gun differs in what electric trigger was incorporated to ensure remotely controlled fire that was attached to the receiver’s end plate instead of a butt. This one is PK machine gun for infantry on a mount developed by Evgeniy Samozhenkov.
AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

Here on the pic the upper model is AK74 with night sight mounted. The next one – AK-74 with the 40-mm GP25 underbarrel grenade launcher, you can see a rubber shock-absorber mounted on the butt-stock to decrease recoil caused by grenade launcher.

Next is AKS-74 – it features folding stock, and the last one is AKS-74U – it sports folding stock, short barrel, altered sight and gas mechanism, odd-looking flash suppressor device on the muzzle. Very popular with Spetznaz (Russian Special Forces) troops as well as Russian law enforcement in Russia’s large cities. Based on AK-74 design, there was light machine gun RPK (with 45 rounds magazine) developed and adopted by the Red Army.
AK-47 Kalashnikov museum

 Also, taking the AK as prototype, there was designed a line of hunting rifles:
– Saiga self-loading hunting carbine (1974) (developed from the AKM Kalashnikov assault rifle in 1974) and
– Vepr self-loading hunting carbine (developed from the    Pic.6-15 Artifacts of the epoch
RPK-74 light machine gun.
It differs from the RPK-74 in caliber, cartridge, mode of fire, magazine capacity, design and dimensions).

Featured in this showcase, first three guns and the latter black finish gun are produced by Izhmash, while Vepr carbine is made by Vyatsko-Polyansk Factory.
kalashnikov lawnmower

Not only guns were invented by Kalashnikov. Here is the lawnmower made by his project. He loved to take care of the grass at his summer cottage.

There are plenty more exhibits in the museum, one can read even more detailed review at the special websites devoted to AK-47 guns.

Also I want to mention that in Russia there is even a Vodka named after AK-47 and its inventor Kalashnikov. But who might be suprised of such a fact?

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  1. @ nIKED

    it would be good armor if it stopped bullets. As an arnament its quite good indeed, although its an different class of weapon (assault rifle) then the m4a1, which is a carabine.

    I would enjoy visiting this museum.

  2. There may be up to 100,000 AKs produced in the world compared to 16 million M-16s. You can’t argue with success.
    Larry http://www.ak-47book.com

    • I think you’ve got your numbers mixed up.
      In every conflict around the world, starting from Africa and ending in Asia, you can see a lot of AK-47s but you very rarelly see any M16s.
      I don’t think anybody will ever know the real number of AKs produces, as lot of countries produce the weapons for themselfs without telling anyone exactly how many of them they made.

      • I heard ak47 was the best, hands down no questions asked. There has to be untold numbers out there as they are used every where on earth. I think they even have one on board the space station in case of martian attack.

  3. Apparently, Larry mistyped number of AKs produced – that should be 100 Mln, not merely 100,000 🙂

    Vadim http://www.ak47-guide.com

  4. phenomenal gun…virtually unchanged for 60 years…The M16 (which I have used extensively) failed us in Vietnam in the early years. I don’t think the AK had the jams we did. Certainly looks the Eastern Europe style. But it did some damage. Ammo is cheap and it is as fun as any gun.

  5. The AKS-74U fully automatic assault rifle with short barrel is the best in counter shootout. It’s fast and accurate within two yards range. Split seconds effect on target.

  6. There have been 75-110 million AK-type-weapons(AIMS, AK-47, RPK-74, AK-74, AK-100, excetera) produced.
    There have been 6 million AR-type-weapons(AR-15, M4, Colt Commando, M16) produced.

    The AK is used all around the world, manufactured in various countries, present and past(USA, Romania, Russia, China, Yugoslavia, Hungary, East Germany).
    The AR is used by extremely few compared to the AK and is manufactered in three countries(Israel, Canada, USA).

    The AK is a low velocity rifle, which fires a medium-sized rifle-cartridge(7.62x39mm/30.).
    The AR is a high-velocity rifle, which fires a small-sized rifle-cartridge(5.56x45mm/223. Remington).

    I think that a lot of people here do not know a lot about what they are talking about.

        • my mistake, sorry

          but does it make any difference?
          my point was that not all the AK’s are 7.62

          in comparison with m-16 ak-74 fires almost the same bullet
          that will, for example, change it’s direction even if fired through leaves of tree
          and that won’t happen with heavy 7.62 bullet

  7. shmalex:
    modern 5.45 rounds AK-74/AK-10x/AEK-xxx bullets – won’t be stopped by trees and other obstacles[thx to serious redesign]
    just like 5.56 0.223car M995 does.

    7.62 also seriously improved over time and 7H23 – not latest round in arsenal.
    so even for relatively not recent 7.62 AK’s(some outstanding bullpups from TKB and two other factory’s)assault rifle – can mow you out of battlefield.

  8. For *most* practical purposes, think of 7.62x39R in terms of .30-30 Winchester, to put it in a Western perspective. Technically the venerable .30-30 has a little more power, but most of us don’t have the Minute-Of-Angle hands required to appreciate the difference in the field. Anywhere you might hunt (realistically) with a carbine-length .30-30, the 7.62x39mm will compete nicely.

    I would like very much to visit that museum, too. The Germans coined the term “Sturmgewehr,” and the 400-meter battle-carbine concept. Dr. Kalashnikov made one that actually works in real-world conditions.


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  10. The AK-74 uses caliber 5,45x39mm, but in a slightly modernized form (AK-101 & AK-102) it also uses the classic “M16” caliber 5,56x45mmNATO.

    The AK-47/AKS-47 and its successors AKM/AKMS and AK-103/AK-104 uses the classic ComBloc 7,62x39mm standard round.

    Different Kalashnikov knockoff models from around the world uses a whole host of various cartridges, such as 7,92x57mm (Zastava M76), 7,62x54mmR (Cugir PSL, Iraqi al-Kadesiah, Zastava M91 etc), .22LR (DDR KK-MPi-69), 7,62x51mm NATO (Zastava M77 etc), 9,3×62 mm & .30-06 (Valmet Petra), 9x53mmR (Izhmash Saiga) etc etc.

    In short, if it´s a common military or commercial hunting/sporting caliber, there´s a great possibility that there´s a Kalashnikov model chambered in that round. 🙂


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