Police in action

 An awful video, made with cellular phone cam.  Russian police patrol takes  a guy from a street, leads him to a quite place and then one policeman punches him in a kidney, demonstrating the techniques he was told in a Police school. The man can’t walk after he was punched, he makes a few steps and falls down. Here is the transcript of voice-over:
– Spread your legs!
– Now smile!
“So how it was? I didn’t punch too strong”
– And now say “I love Police!”  – Yeah tell, if you won’t tell I’ll beat you more!
– Say “I love Police!”

What do you think about this?

1 thought on “Police in action”

  1. These cowards need to be punished, but i know they will not.
    Even if this happened here in North America (well, usually its the police tasering someone to death or blasting 25 holes into them) the worst that would happen is the officer would be sent on leave until the news cools down, or in the very rare case lose his job.

    I am sure in Russia/Ukraine or whatever “Dah Comrade” country nothing will happen to these guys. If it were up to me they’d have their arms crushed with mallets so they will never be able to punch anyone ever again, the most they will should able to do after the bones heal is brush their teeth if their lucky!


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