How to buy alcohol after 9pm and on Sundays?

As you might know in some states and cities it’s impossible to buy alcohol after 9pm and on Sundays and Holidays. different russian vodka, in some regions is forbidden to sell vodka after 9You can’t walk into a store and buy a bottle of whiskey and drink it wherever you want it.

In the same time different bars are allowed to sell alcohol and you can drink to death there. But the prices in bars often much higher than in shops, and there might be a lot of reasons why you don’t want to drink in the bar.

Bryan from thinks that there are two reasons for this The government is stupid in the fact that they think stopping sales before nine will lower drunken driving, or the government has an under the table deal with the bars.

But people in Russia invented a way to get the stores selling them the alcohol even late at night. A group of guys enters a store and some of guys distract the sellers, while one guy tries to take a few bottles. Usually shops cover the stands with the alcohol at night with some cloth, but it’s still easy to take the bottles from underneath it. After he manages to get the items he wants, he  opens them and make a sip from each.
Afterwards all of the gang goes to the counter and shows that the bottles are opened, and some of the magic liquid is already missing. Sellers usually have only one thing to do with it – sell them those bottles and forget about the situation.

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