17 thoughts on “White Power Nazis in McDonald’s (photo)”

  1. The fact is that its a joke either by the staff of that McDonalds resteraunt, or the chance it has been photoshopped, the stamm member on the right is clearly giggling, so my beleif would be that this is infact a practical joke by the staff.

  2. This is a kick ass pic. I hate McDonalds food anyways. If they had one like this one i would go every day. WHITE POWER

  3. Real or not it is disrespectful to those who sufferd at the hands of the nazis and to the fallen, we create the world and enviroment we live in so lets not fill it with hate!you will some day be old and frail do you want to spend old age in fear, or would you prefer happy and respected? there is good and bad in all colours and race
    “do not judge less ye be judged”

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