Russian oldtimers: Luxury car Chaika

We are starting our Russian oldtimers review with Chaika GAZ 13. This was an elite car, not for sale for common people in USSR, only for Communist party leaders.

 Chaika GAZ 13 

Years of production: 1959-1981
Overall production: 3179 examlpes (only some 20 universals GAZ-13S and few cabriolets GAZ-13B (1961-1962))
Body: 7-seater 4-door limousine, 2- or 4-door cabriolet, 5-door universal (ambulance)

chaika, the russian luxury car, gaz 13

Engine: 195hp/4400rpm, V8-cyl, 4-tact 5,526cc
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Bore/Stroke: 100/88mm
Length: 5600mm, width: 2000mm, height: 1620mm
Wheelbase: 3250mm
Front wheel track: 1540 mm
Rear track: 1540 (1530?)mm
Rear axle clearance: 210mm
Turning radius: 7.8m
Cold clearance between tappet and valve stem: intake – 0,25-0,30 mm, exhaust – 0,25-0,30 mm
Gearbox: 3 speeds with hydraulical transformer,
Weight: 2100 kg
Maximal speed: 160 km/h
Tyres: 8.20×15 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 80 L
Fuel consumption: 21.0 L/100km (14 L/100km under 40-50 km/h)
Cooling system capacity: 17 L
Oil capacity, overall: 6,5 L
chaika was the most luxury car

chaika was also a cabrio gaz 13 edition

 Price: government limousine, not for sale
Yes common people could not buy Chaika, it was a very elite car in Soviet russia.

This car has been created for regional government and communist leaders. Almost all cars have been painted in black. Some cars have divider behind front seat (GAZ-13A).
nice russian car chaika - gull gaz 13

chaika was an elite car in russia

the most common colour of chaika was black

interrior of russia luxury car chaika

red interrior of chaika gaz 13

The car was really stunning when was moving across the streets of Soviet cities, among the small cars owned by common citizen. The usual colours were black, and because of its colour the car looked realy serious. The car had an automatic transimission, while during that time in USSR cars had only manual transmissions. Yes that’s true Soviet people during 60 years did not have a chance to drive a car with an automatic transmission. Goverment thought that this is a luxury option and deprived the population of it. It’s a pity but due to this fact all the people who had driving license could drive stick geared cars.

After the collapse of Soviet Union these Chaikas began being sold for common people, not new but second hand. They were started being used for VIP events, marriages escorts etc. Nowadays there is a very little cars in a good condition, mainly at collectors possession.


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  1. A really beautiful Car, Some mane was selling once the Juri Gagarin’s(First Astronaut) “Chaika”. I’d like to have one of these 🙂

  2. i really want to buy the one, that belonged to someone very importaint.
    I’ve also heared, that KGB agents have been using them in 60’s

  3. The 4th picture down is NOT a GAZ-13 “Chaika.” It’s a ZIL. If anyone’s really interested in a Chaika, I’ll sell mine for only $60,000 firm (in USA.) Regards, Patrick.

    • Attention Patrick:

      I am interested to buy your car, Chaika. Please send me more information, if the car is in the USA.


      • Gregory,

        I got your email and attempted twice to send you a response. Please let me know if you don’t get it and I can use another email address. For some reason, hotmail isn’t working too great right now.


    • Patrick,

      Do you happen to know how many Chaikas are in the United States? I am in NY City (Brighton Beach) and haven’t seen any since I left Ukraine in 1992.


      • Pavel,

        I only know of 8 others in the USA: 1 in WA, 1 in OH, 2 in KY, 1 in AZ, 1 in NY, and 1 in NC. The one in NY may have relocated to CA a couple of years ago and the 2 in KY may have moved to TX. There was one for sale at auction in 2003, but I don’t know where it is currently.

        Na zdorovye!

  4. The 4th picture down is NOT a Chaika; it’s a ZIL. If anyone’s seriously interested in buying a Chaika, I’ll sell mine for only $60,000 (in USA). Regards, Patrick.

    • Patrick, you should keep the Chaika. It will be worth $100,000 within 5 years. You know that they only made 3179, right?! Good luck! Nikolai

  5. Gregory,

    Yes, the Chaika is in USA. Send me your email address and I can send you a couple of pictures.

    Please respond ONLY if you are truly serious. As I stated earlier, I will sell for $60,000 USD.


  6. Patrick,

    Be careful about selling your car. As I said before, Chaikas are worth $75,000 in ANY condition.

    Good luck!


  7. hello,

    i have a ZIL 111L a special model with aer conditioner, electric windows and armored. i want to renovate it and i need as soon as possible technical info about the car specially about chassis and front bridge (pictures as well). i want to renovate as it was and the former owner didn’t give me any technical data.

    if you know some, please response asap on my email.

    mihai teo…bucharest…romania

  8. If you want to have Chaika GAZ 14, just call me – Tbilisi

    Merabi 99532 778090, 99599517778. It costs only 12.000.00 USD – THE BEST PRICE!!!!You can also offer me 4WD car exchange.

    What aprobelm to send a car to USA – just 2-3 000. USD.

    • Hello! I have all these cars in perfect condition Gaz 22 or Zil 111 or Zis 101 ! They are allready restaurated all is original. Also Im selling right now GAZ 13 CHAIKA in perfect condition. If you are interested you can call +37255670116 I have other cars all restaurated as well. My collection is about 20 old russian cars in perfect condition. Just want to sell the collection.

  9. For those who interested in bying chaika. Here are the ads of chaika sellers in Russia

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  11. Interesting stuff. Better not voice my opinions here seeing that I am really opinionated. It really is really important to have beliefs though.

  12. The cars that I sale were used by the bulgarian government.In car’s passports are written persons who have used this cars-Fidel Castro,Indira Gandi,Valentina Tereshkova,Todor Zivkov and ect.

  13. Chaika is a Packard. Go to and select Library/Automobiles/1956. 13 is Clipper/Executive, 14 is Patrician (some stretched).

    There was nothing wrong with Packard cars, only that they were too expensive to make and sell at the price Ford and Chevy could, partly from engineering complexity, partly from too-short production runs for economy of scale. Ford & GM were in a price war at the time, so all cars had to match their price, and Packard could not match at a profit.

    USSR wanted fancy cars for Government people, but building a factory from scratch and designing completely new cars is really expensive, and even for Khruschev it wasn’t economic, so they looked for an alternative.

    When Packard closed the Detroit factory in 1958 they sold the “tooling”, the special machines to make a particular car. Tracing the route would be interesting, but now you know where it ended up.


  14. Good Day,

    my name is Gabriela Meza and me and my partner wish to contact you to talk about oltimer cars.

    We have a catalog of oldtimers from different years and companies. We live currently in Germany and we hope to make business in Russia. If you are interested I can send you a small list of cars we can trade, and if you are interested in a specific model i can send you more information about ir as well as pictures.

    Best Regards

    Gabriela Meza

    • Hello Gabriala Meza can you please send me some photos with list and prices for your cars I can buy some all all of them thanks Dav from USA my email Davlet145(@) or phone +1414Six63O2853


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