R. Abramovich, the most wealthiest man of Russia, what cars boats and planes does he have?

boat of abramovich, russian richest man
The most famous Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich lives mainly in London, UK (Englishmen call him Red Rom) . He owns UK soccer team Chelsea and tries to enter UK high society with all his best. He spent more than $100M for buying new players to Chelsea team. There had been rumors among London high society that if Abramovich’s Chelsea would win European Cap the Queen of England would make Roman a knight, so he would be Sir Roman Abramovich. Last time Chelsea failed to do this, despite the huge sums Mr. Roman spends on it, hopefully they would succeed next time and he won’t be sorry about all the investments he made.

Meanwhile let’s see what means of transportation uses Roman Abramovich and his successors in term of financial wealth in Russian hierarchy.

Abramovich has a lot of garages across the world, in Russia in London in USA and in Europe. He has plenty of different cars. The variety of them is also great. There can be found Porche Carrera GT, Aston Martin DB, very special and unique Bentley  Brookland which weights 6250 lbs. But his famous car for business visits is Mercedes S600 Pullman. He takes it everywhere he goes it’s been transported with a cargo plane following him worldwide (as well as presidents of Russia or USA do). Of course this car is heavily armoured. There is one interesting fact:  Roman never travels in one car with his wife, by his words if the car would be hit by some evil missile or bomb or just would get in accident he doesn’t want his 5 kids would loose both parents at once. Wise guy isn’t he? By the way he is only 40 years old. Just a young boy.


Ok, now we know what cars prefer the wealthiest man of Russia, but how about boats? Does he use boats to travel? Sure he does, and those are not just boats. Did you know that there is a TOP20 of the World Most Cool boats? If you didn’t there is such a top, and the most exclusive boats, which belong to the richest guy all over the world are included in this TOP20. So guess if Abramovich owns a boat from this TOP20. I think you answered yes, and you are right, but just not right, you are three times right! Yes he owns three boats from Worlds TOP20. And there are rumors that he is building a new one which going to be the biggest private yacht in the world, and would hit a record for sure. By the way on of his current boats carries a submarine and all of them are equipped with helicopter landings. That can seem to be strange, weird or even crazy, but he doesn’t care. He just loves boats probably. Those boats are always scattered across the seas and oceans worldwide waiting for their owner fully equipped and ready for service. It has been said that he spends around $200,000 annually for keeping the boat. Just $200k for one boat.

So now we’ve read about his cars, his boats and we can move to his planes. Or just 1 plane? Among all Russian richest people Mr. Abramovich is again on top. In the question on having a luxury plane he wanted to reach Mr. President, president of the USA. Yes, he owns almost a copy of the plane that is on service of US president. Nobody knows the exact price of the plane but there are estimates for about half billion dollar. Just imagine. Of course this plane has everything you can imagine, and it also includes a missile defense system, same as on the governmental planes of USA.

That’s what is known about transport means of Mr. A. Of course authors might not know other vehicles he might own but keeps them in secret. The only thing that admires the author is that just 15 years ago he had none of them. He even had no apartment to live. Isn’t that curious?

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  1. i am so proud of roman abramovich.he has made chelsea great ,and i pray God to help him push chelsea to a higher glory,the uefa champions league title,for 2006/2007 season.
    ekerette inokon
    35 itiam street ,uyo nigeria

    • u hope Abramovich will call u for u’r nice words and offer some financial help? U Africans can only live on others money!!!

    • Instead of praying or watching soccer, you should be working on your English punctuation and grammar. Otherwise all you will have left to do will be praying that somebody gives you money to survive.

    • Don’t blame Abramovich. He was playing the game which was offered by the government and political situation around him.

    • Abramovitch did the same as Khodorskovsky, appropriated for himself the resources of the country, Paul Martin did the same in Canada (on a lower level) by getting for a song a navigation company paid by the taxes of canadian citizens and registered the boats in liberia and the bahamas not to pay income taxes (after signing the freetradeAgreement USA made much pressure on the government to privatize everything and destroy all social services)

      • There is a big difference – the assets Abramovich appropriated (though formally not illegally), had been paid by literally tens of millions of Russians who died in the Civil war, the so-called collectivization, industrialization, etc.

        Whatever Paul Martin allegedly stole, is not “blood money” since nobody died in Canada since approx. 1812 or so, in civil disorders and re-allocations of private property, at least not in the order of 10% of the whole country’s population.

    • And I hope it will be bloody enough. Of course, Abramovich will escape, but there is always hope – even Trotsky was eventually killed in Mexico.


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