Russian Girl Mocks Million Dollar Homepage Selling Own Naked Body

A Russian girl called Natasha has put up her body for sale on the Internet. Customers may request that she draws or writes anything on the millimeters they pay for.
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The blonde, aged 25, casts herself as a “very shy girl” from a common background who has “understood that if she won’t do something in her life, all the good things, her desires and wishes will come past her.”

For just $1 per millimeter anyone can request that Natasha draw any picture or slogan on the chosen part — save for the head, genitals and nipples that remain covered — and wear them for a whole year.

“It’s an amazingly unique way of advertising!” the girl says in her blog.

Besides the advertising, customers are offered a variety of bonuses, such as a five-minute liveshow or holidays with Natasha.

The minimum purchase is $100 for 100 millimeters. A cheaper offer is $10 for 50 pixels that will not be drawn on the girl’s body but will appear on the website.

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