46 yo man was robbed and severely beat by Junior school student

46 yo russian man robbed by a junior schoold studentPolice department of Moscow city has arrested a 6th grade student (6th grade is usually being attended by 12-13 years old students). He is suspected that has beat a 45 years old man within an inch of his man’s life and after that robbed him.

This happened late at night at one of the streets of Moscow city. The boy spotted a man on the street, followed him and then furiously attacked the passer-by. After the man was hit down to the ground the boy robbed him. He took all the valuable things the man had: laptop pc, digital camera, CD player. According to police the total value of the damage he suffered is around $2600. The victim is now in the Moscow hospital with numerous rib fractures, injuries and head trauma.

As it has been reported by police, the suspect was arrested next day after the incident. The police visited the neighborhood and has found a boy carelessly chitchatting with his friends.

A criminal case has been processed against the boy, he can not be imprisoned due to his age but he can be passed to the special authorities who would control his further actions.

Does it make a Moscow unsafe place to visit? I can admit that any major city has areas that are unsafe to visit, but more than that I am firmly assured that all the events in a person’s life depend on his last deeds, and if the negative deeds prevail then the an awful event can occur even while the person is walking across the safest street in the safest city on the Earth.

The article is being compiled according to newsru.com

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