Wolf Messing the unknown and most talented Soviet psychic.

Wolf Messing infamous Russian psychicWolf Messing was born on 10th of September, 1899 on the territory of Russian Empire  in a tiny jewish place near Warsaw (currently the territory  of Poland). His surprising psychic abilities were discovered at his early age. In 1937 Messing predicted the death of Adolf Hitler if he decides invading Russia, due to this fact he attracted an attention of Gestapo, Nazi German secret service. He was arrested in Warsaw and sent to prison. While he were imprisoned in the cell he used his hypnosis power to gather all the personnel of the prison in his camera including the chief of the prison, then he made them believe that there are diamonds scattered across the floor of his cell. The Nazi guards started collecting the diamonds while he just freely left the cell and closed the cell door after himself. After that he fled to USSR, while all his other relatives tragically died in Nazi concentration camps.

In USSR he also attracted attention of Soviet secret service and KGB. He was personally tested by Stalin and Beria, the special commission which was called by Stalin. The commission has verified that he have got 100,000 roubles (around $120,000 according to that’s time exchange rate) from a State Bank of USSR presenting to the bank clerk just an empty piece of paper. After he got the money he gave them back. The teller, realizing what he did, had a heart attack. Other time Stalin’s deputy Beria ordered to keep him in the KGB building and not to allow Messing to leave the room and the building. He left the room and the building without any obstacle, despite the fact that the building was very well guarded.

Messing also could read someone’s thoughts from a distance, predict future and telling somebody’s  biography just by looking at the photo. He also performed on stage, revealing his startling abilities to publics. He made a lot for propaganda of development psychic abilities among the masses, trying to convince scientists to research anomalous aspects of a man’s brain, but soon his on stage performances were banned. He even proposed to open a laboratory investing his own money but this proposal was refused by authorities, and that time in USSR only government could allow people to start scientific researches.

He was one of the few millionaires who lived in USSR, the country that did not recognized capitalism and right for having business by an individual.

In his old age he preferred to be alone, in order not to get completely mad from all the thoughts and emotional experiences he perceived       from other people around. When he died all his money was inherited by the government because he had no relatives at all.

That’s a sad example of the USSR during the Communist’s age. The super-talented person who could be extremely popular in a free country, helping the science to explore new horizons in a human nature was completely censored by the government. Many branches of science were not allowed to freely develop because of a governmental vision and guidance. Because of all that the world has never got acquainted with Mr. Wolf Messing and his brilliant abilities.

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  1. I don’t think it matters whether the government was socialist or capitalist. Even if he was to live in America, he would face the same lack of freedom. Most talented people of that nature tend to keep their talents to themselves.

  2. I use to be skeptical about psychic readings until I went to a psychic myself. For all those who are still skeptical, I would recommend to give it a try once.

  3. thank you for posting this… its interesting to see what he went thru as a psychic in the era of ww2. Also a point of interest i s the leaders in russia taking his word and testing him out.

  4. Once in hide park near the Princess Diana memorial fountain I met a man who scared me so much with his abilities that I freaked out and run away… Wish I could meet him again, because his psychic abilities were amazing! He read my thoughts like a book … And performed other miracles … Now I’m not a sceptic!

  5. Wolf Messing was an amazing person; it certainly saved his life many times over. What gets left out, is that he was a person with strong morals, down to earth with a kind nature and an excellent sense of humor. Anyone can develop his powers, but what happens to you depends on you, how responsible you want to be.


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