New DVD media — “Eternal Discs” — undamagable and totaly protected from unathorized copying.

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In St.Petersburg for the first time in Russia a mass production of the information media carrier of a new format called “a thin disk” have started. A cult Petersburg producer and sound producer Andrey Tropillo has developed  and has patented it. Producers of this know-how thinks that the new disk will protect authors from pirates.

In July mass release of “thin disks ” has been prepared by a factory “Fortmedia”. As producers informed news agencies the information carrier of new generation VCDHD (Versatile compact disc high density) is a thin single-layered disk of the special form and of a high flexibility. Thickness of the VCDHD is 0,6 mm what’s twice less than of usual CD. It can be easily be bent and deformed without being afraid to damage record. Besides because of a special form of the edge, the surface of a disk is additionally protected from scratches and mechanical damages.

According to the marketing director of the company “Fortmedia” Larissa’s Fedorova’s words, the high flexibility makes a disk very convenient for placing it in magazines and envelopes. “It can even be turned into a tubule”, – she says. The capacity of the information on VCDHD is equal to DVD-disks and is about of 4,7 Gb. Mrs. Fedorova said also that unlike the previous attempts of creation a similar format, developers managed to make “thin disks” work in any DVD-recorders.

“A thin disk ” was invented  by a cult Saint-Petersburg producer and a sound producer, and also general director of “Antrop-Studio” Andrey Tropillo. He told news agency the following: ” I made a usual “entertainment” so that the disk could bend and be deformed, but thus quality of the information on it would not suffer. I had an idea to make use of experience of the Soviet magazines to which as a gift a small dark blue plate was fixed to. In such way a disk has advantages of plastic carrier but doesn’t have their problems. It is not afraid of hits, falling and any deformation, the disk is covered by a special varnish, preserving split”

The capacity of the information on VCDHD is equal to DVD-disks and is 4,7 Gb

As Mr. Tropillo told news agency, the machine for producing VCDHD had appeared in Petersburg in 2004. It has been tested to achieve the maximal effect, upgrades have been done. Then the similar machine was transported to Ukraine where also producing of disks started. There, according to the inventor, it started to work “more rhythmically”. In the end of 2005 a new format was presented at Frankfurt exhibition where it was declared that “the main Russian-Ukrainian invention of last 10 years “. Presentation of the VCDHD took place in March in Kiev – the disk was presented as collective invention of the company “Rostock of CD” (the producer of flexible disks in Ukraine), “Antrop-studio” and Dutch firm VDL ODMS (the producer of the equipment). In Russia only in July 2006 the production of “thin disks” went into public.

For the production of “thin disks” at enterprise “Fortmedia” one of machines has been altered, earlier it was used to prodece CDs. According to Larissa Fedorova, already demand exceeds the production and under aone more machine will be shortly built for disk of new format production. Andrey Tropillo declared to CNews, that he has already an offer from the UK company for release of 200 million “thin disks “. Larissa Fedorova declared: ” We do not wish to be monopolists, therefore the license for production of new disks is already sold to Ukraine and to Poland “. Besides she said, that negotiations with Ekaterinburg that “to fill the market of Ural region with our unique product”.

Manufacturers declare that they have invented “an absolute protection against pirates ” as it’s uneasy to make an exact copy of such a disk. The CEO of the company on information safety of corporate server platforms SecurIT Alexey Raevsky has stated: “If the format of the media carrier is open for publics, as, for example, in case of CD and DVD, it’s impossible to create the discs protected from copying, since any company can create such media carriers, as well as the device for their reading and record. If the format is closed for public use and the production of the device and disks is limited only to firm such media format will not have success in the market. I can give you my opinion based on my experience that there is impossible to protect the media from pirates, there is only a possibility to make it more complicate for pirates to copy the medias” . However it was objected by inventor Andrey Tropillo: “If I publish movie limited for publishing only on VCDHD disc media any occurrence of this movie on CD becomes the proof of a crime, clear for any police officer”.

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