Red alert: Russian toxic invasion of Northen Europe started. Is this a second Chernobyl?

forest fires in russia

Due to heavy forest fires in Leningrad Obl. Region and Karelia there is a danger for European counties soon to be covered with caustic clouds coming from North West of Russia.

This is a first time after Chernobyl disaster at 1986, when a nuclear power plant blew up and poisonous clouds with nuclear particles could move to Europe. That time Europe was lucky – winds stepped into play and clouds went to inner Russian regions, causing in thousands of cases radiation illnesses across Western Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Thousands of families left their houses and everything they had, because of nuclear pollution. Still there is an area around Chernobyl which can not be inhabited by people. Hundreds of villages are standing empty.

These days there are huge toxic clouds which are formed as a result of forest fires. They already reached the territory of a European state Finland. Authorities of Finland expressed their discontent and concern regarding the situation. The next counties that going to be affected are Sweden and Norway.

There is no way how the governments of these countries can affect the situation. They offered to sent their fireman in order to help fighting fires in forests, but their proposal was rejected by Russian military leaders. They said that the fires are mainly in close-to-border areas and according to Russian legislation foreign citizens are limited in visiting those areas. But it has been known that the fires have begin because of the Russian army tactical exercises, which took place near the Russian-European border. During the exercise a lot of bombs were used and they were the main cause of the fires started in the region.

Emergency services of Helsinki (the capital of Finland) and Stockholm (capital of Sweden) receive daily numerous calls from people who are sure that their cities are on fire. TV and radio try to explain to people that these is a heavy smoke clouds from Russia. Also they broadcast the instructions not to open windows and cars. They try to convince people limit their open air walks, don’t go on outdoors without any significant purpose.

Now all depends on wind. If the wind would continue to blow to Europe the consequences would be even more heave.

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