Kim Il-sung the Great Heroe of Mankind

kim il sung was a russian friendThe founder of the totalitarian and the most closed state in the world – North Korea, Kim Il-sung and his wife Kim Jong Suk (they also were parents of the current leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Il) were awarded with the Russian public Order for Contribution in Order for Contribution to Victory (victory in World War II).
The Order for Contribution to Victory is like a laurel wreath, made from yellow metal, inside of which there is an Earth globe is placed, which carries USSR, UK, USA and France state symbols. It could for sure make the leader of North Korean communism happy. He always considered the Western Countries to be enemies, personal and public.

The award was set up by the Russian Council for Public Awards, at threshold of the 60-th anniversary of the victory over Nazi GermRussian Order for Kim Il-sungany. The orders were awarded to Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il for “their contribution in the liberation of Korean people from Japanese militarism”. The hand over ceremony took place at 9th of August, 2006 in the North Korea embassy in Moscow. Duma members and Federation Council members, Diplomatic Service officers, Russian committee of World War II veterans. As it was mentioned, the order was timed to the 60th anniversary, and it it’s not clear why Kim Il-sung and his spouse were remembered just one year after the memorable date.
It seems so that Kim Il-sung was really fighting with Japanese militarism, but his struggle was far from a success until Russian and American armies arrived. Also the claim to his contribution in the liberation of Korean people seems to be doubtful. It’s known that there is a practice of human tortures in Korea, these activities usually come together with people are kept under arrest without a court verdict or courts can issue death penalties based on political reasons. Wide use of involuntary participation in unwanted jobs, freedom of thoughts, conscience, religion and beliefs control, together with limitation of the ability to express them, occurs everywhere across the country.
In North Korea it’s accustomed to call Kim Il-sung “The Great Leader, the Sun of Korean people, Undefeatable Steel Commander, Legendary Hero Sun of the Nation, Father Marshal, Prominent leader of the International Communist movement, Genius for Theory and Practice of Management, Cresset of the Union, Successor of the Great Revolution Pursuit, The Greatest Hero of the Humanity.
Per capita income in North Korea is one of the lowest in the world. During the late period of Kim Il-sung country suffered a lack of food.
According to the report of Humans Rights Watch, in the mid to late 1990s North Koreans experienced a famine that killed an estimated one million people, or about 5 percent of the population, hundreds of thousands of others fled to China to find food for themselves and their families, many who survived suffered long-lasting or permanent damage to their health.

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