Classified documents of a criminal investigation department have been melted together with safes.

In a criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, located in Moscow in street Zhitnaja, the safe with operatively-investigatory documents was gone. On this fact еру check is spent , and, predictably, guilties will incur corresponding punishment. As it has appeared, two safes with confidential operatively-investigatory documents of a criminal investigation department had been thrown out by mistake during carrying out of repair. The safes temporarily put in a corridor, stirred to the workers doing repair of a building. They have lowered them in a court yard. And then military men of internal armies who bore unnecessary property from a building, have carried safes on item of gathering of scrap metal directly together with classified documents stored them. When the documents came necessary,it was found out, that the boxes were not present. Loss of safes has been found out in the middle of July, but press was notified on it just now. Searches among a heap of scrap metal reached no results. Apparently, safes have been utilized, and documents are finally lost.

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