The rocket “Dnepr” has fallen because of malfunctions in the chamber of combustion

The rocket The reason of failure of a booster rocket “Dnepr” which has fallen on July, 26th soon after start from Baikonur, became misoperation of chambers of combustion. It was declared by the chapter of Roskosmos Anatoly Perminov. “By preliminary results, emergency deenergizing of the engine of the first step of has occured because of misoperation of combustion chambers №4 of basic engines”, – has told Perminov at a briefing in Astana. He has noted, that “at this chamber the impellent mechanism which should turn сопла depending on the program of a control system refused” Most likely, there was a strong overheat of a liquid on the piston which operated the chamber of combustion. There could be a lot of reasons for it. Now experts are finding out the reason – because of what there was an overheat of a liquid” Next turn chairman of the Kazakhstan governmental commission Azamat Abdymomunov has informed, that the final damage from falling a rocket would be counted up and published in the first quarter of September. “Vesti” informes, that, according to Perminov, the final conclusion about the reasons of failure will be given after August, 28th.
The booster rocket “Dnepr” started from the cosmodrome Baikonur on the night of July, 27th. on the second minute of flight it had an accident and could not put 18 space satellites into orbit . It has fallen in 150 kilometers from Baikonur. There were not any victims.

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