Do the western special services force the Russian Military-industrial complex to go bankrupt?

Do the western special services force the Russian Military-industrial complex to go bankrupt? Yesterday in Moscow the commission under the prevention of bankruptcies of the strategic enterprises, led by the vice-president of the Military-industrial commission Vladislav Putilin has been created. Some years were required to our officials to begin a stop of process of disorder Military-industrial complex. Let’s remind, that from 948 strategic enterprises 198 have attributes of bankruptcy. Concerning 150 courts have born decisions about collecting debts due to their property. Against 44 procedure of bankruptcy is raised. These are basically the medium-sized enterprises making accessories for military technics, and military scientific research institutes. For a long time it was clear that any measures were necessary. In the end of April Minpromenergo suggested to arrange under the prevention of bankruptcy of the strategic enterprises and organizations. That time deputy minister Andrey Reus suggested to create fund on restoration of solvency of the strategic enterprises. In the past the Federal service of financial improvement was engaged in preventive maintenance of deliberate bankruptcies. But during administrative reform it has been abolished. As the deputy director of department Minekonomrazvitija of Russian Federation Tseren Tserenov has declared, «the primary purpose of the commission becomes preventive maintenance of bankruptcy at the strategic enterprises. For this purpose all arsenal of the state methods, including on delays of payments on debts of the strategic enterprises, should be used. It is necessary to generate a system of protection of the rights of workers of the enterprises concerning which procedure of bankruptcy is spent. With this purpose, probably, special government or not government funds will be created. It is a problem which is put at a level of the top management of the country»
Possibly the government did not wish to pay attention at that fact, that it`s necessary for someone to bunkrupt the strategic enterprises. While officials from the White house discussed in occasion of necessity of rescue domestic VPK, FSB has promulgated the information on participation of the western special services to piracy aside the Russian defense industry. Under the application of Nikolay Patrushev, the chapter of this department, “FSB revealed some attempts of “custom-made bankruptcy” of defensive enterprises. In particular, according to Patrushev, FSB have stopped liquidation of the Omsk factory of transport mechanical engineering – one of the leading tank-building enterprises.”

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  1. OF COURSE the west was involved, the financial councellor of Reagan discovered how USSR financial system worked, Russia owned five small European banks, the NED (national endowment for democracy) and a Sorros foundation blocked the transfer of foreign currencies between these banks and with the Saudis kept the price of Oil at an alltime low (being the main export of USSR) for two years turning the USSR communist system bankrupt. The Moscow bureaucrats with help from Yeltsin privatised all of the country resources becoming the Oligarchs, the NED and Sorros moved after to Ukraine to organize the Orange revolution instal their Puppet, then the Roses revolution and so on.

  2. Since when has it required a special service to get politicians to waste money they have extorted from the public?

  3. 1. Define who organised bankruptcy
    2. Reveal who benefited from it
    3. Discover who gave orders from the top
    4. Gather traitors around and liquidate them and make their actions illegal and obsolete


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