As Maugli became the Kazakh

Before the beginning of a picture “Nomad” the credit announces that its inspirer was the first president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbaev. It is possibly caused by aspiration to declare the national identity and to designate on a card of the modern cultural world the state As Maugli became the Kazakh which is considered in the old manner as a makeweight to Russian empire in the West. Meantime Kazakhs have their own history, tradition and heroes. For example, the main character of a film-epopee, Mansur, conducts a family tree from Chingishan, that is a subject of national pride for the «new Kazakhs». It goes without saying, they have a full right on this. However, the curious paradox is that they have decided to declare the world their originality using a language of the Hollywood stamps.
By the way, the picture was bought for hire by Harvi Weinstein, the producer of all Tarantino`s films. It`s probably indifferent to the foreign spectators that epic Kazakhs in “Nomad” are represented by slightly tinted Chineses and Mexicans. In general “Nomad” is a film not for those who can distinguish the representatives of these unlike against each other nations. To not complicate the spectators who are not understanding history of Turkestan, all necessary data are stated by “nomad” Oraz for the staff. This role is played by actor Dzhejson Scott (hawaiian-chinese origin) which more of others is similar to the present Kazakh. Once Dzhejson Scott has played Maugli in «Jungle Book».
The first Kazakh film-epos with the budget in 40 million dollars (under informal data) was created for all the world and by efforts of all cinema world. The script was written by Azerbaijanian Rustam Ibragimbekov. To one of producers became well-known czech Milosh Forman. Hes compatriot Ivan Passer, the director, has been replaced then by other hired “soldier”, Sergey Bodrov. The customers wished to get the good of an export level, and this purpose was reached.

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