Alsu will give birth for $6 thousand a day

The seven-story grey building on Great Portland Street near the London Ridgent-park – here is a private hospital №1 Britain – «Portland». Here safety is observed even better, than on Downing-Street where the residence of English prime-minister is located. In fact the elite gives birth exactly here. Under the statement of Alsu environment, in this elite “maternity home” the pregnant Russian priest-star is going to lay down. In the beginning there were Alsu will give birth for $6 thousand a day plans to get updating with posterity in her London house, however the singer nevertheless was solved on hospital. The first day in «Portland», including birth, cost 6 thousand dollars (or 3 thousand English pounds), each following – one and a half. Plus additional payments for each analysis or procedure, employment by yoga. But parents do not complain – after all the favourite daughter`s and grandchildren`s health is more high-priced!

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